So, you want to get more website traffic, but how? There are many different methods for getting website traffic, but the best way for you may be different than what works for someone else.

So, how do you know what will work for you?

Usually most “experts” break down traffic sources into the 2 options of Paid and Free or Organic traffic, but within these two there are may different routes you can take, some a whole lot easier than others, but how do you choose?

One way to get website traffic is to use social media. Many popular bloggers use their social media accounts to share their posts with their followers and gain huge followings.

Yet another way to get website traffic is to use Facepost advertising. This would be an effective way to reach a larger audience because Facepost has over 1 billion users.

Again you will be told by the experts that Paid is quick and certain traffic, while Free traffic takes longer but stays with you better.

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Blog Post Outline


Blog Post 1: Introduction: Why Traffic is Your Most Valuable Resource?

Blog Post 2: Quality vs Quantity

Blog Post 3: SEO Basics – How to Use Google to Bring TargetedVisitors to Your Pages

Blog Post 4: Advanced SEO for 2020 and Beyond

Blog Post 5: Content Marketing – Yes Content is (Still) King

Blog Post 6: Social Media as a Source of Big Traffic

Blog Post 7: The Missing Ingredients: Branding and Messaging

Blog Post 8: The User Experience

Blog Post 9: Growth Hacks That Really Work

Blog Post 10: Conclusions: Knowing Your Goal

Blog Post 1: Introduction: WhyTraffic is Your MostValuableResource

If you want your online business to do well, whether it’s a blog, a website, or an e-commerce store, you need to understand how important and valuable traffic is. It is no exaggeration to say that traffic is any online business’s most valuable resource and is what will ultimately make or break its long term success.

If you make money from ad revenue, that means that advertisers pay you to show their ads to your visitors. You will only be able to strike up the very best sponsorship deals and banner ads if you can demonstrate that you have a large number of regular visitors coming to your site.

Alternatively, if you use a service like Google AdSense, you will get paid per click or per impression. That means you’ll earn a few cents for every person that clicks on or views your ads. That means you’re going to need a LOT of your visitors to your site in order for that to have a cumulative effect and begin earning serious money! 

Maybe you sell a product or a service? Again, the number of visitors you get to your website will directly correlate with the number of eyes on your offering. Of course, you still need to convince people to buy your product. You still need good product to sell in the first place… 

But if you don’t have people coming to your site in order to learn about your product, then none of that even matters!

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, you could be giving away free gold, but if nobody knows you’re giving it away…you still won’t get any takers! (I’m paraphrasing.) 

Of course, this also applies to affiliate marketing: if you have an affiliate product to sell, you must first build an audience to sell it to. 

(Even if you sell something else – like a Software as a Servicemodel –then you’re going to need traffic in order for people to discover and sign up to your services!) 

For all these reasons, traffic should be the number one priority for most online businesses. This should be the main point on most meeting agendas. This should be the single metric you pay most attention to.

And yet that is seldom the case. Too often, we focus on everything but the traffic. We focus on trying to reduce overheads or to sell more profitable products. Maybe we worry about our website design or the content we are writing.

Or perhaps we allow a few business partners to dictate our content, who, of course, only have their own best interests in mind.

The danger here is that you might end up missing the forest for the trees. concentrating too much on other factors that end up leading you astray The result is that your traffic either stagnates or starts to shrink. And as we’ve already established, traffic is the primary source of income for nearly EVERY online business. So what happens? All those other metrics start to shrink and swell.

A Paradigm Shift in Your Approach to Traffic 

This post is a wakeup call. This post is here to remind you of the crucial importance of traffic and how to realign your strategies and goals in accordance with that. More importantly, this post is a blueprint to help you gain that much more traffic.

That means writing articles that are designed to bring in more traffic. It means posting links in places that you know will drive more traffic.

It means designing an ad campaign that maximizes the amount and QUALITY of traffic coming to your page (for the smallest amount).

You’ll discover the key factors that are preventing your site from growing right now. You’ll learn what the biggest websites on the internet are doing to grow their traffic, and you’ll learn to emulate those strategies so that you can grow just as quickly and effectively.

So again, please enjoy this article and If you like this piece, you can read the whole article as an eBook “Internet Traffic School”  Free over on Teachable HERE