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Invest In Yourself Folks…… Why Don’t Online Marketers, Bloggers, Digital Nomads Ever……

– Or, “How I learnt the secret of Online Marketing from Golf”……… -This is going to sound “corny” but I was at a friends place a while ago when he suddenly remembered his……….. Golf lesson. – Now, around then I started mercilessly ribbing him with the ‘usual’ “who’s the wee capitalist piggy now then” lines […]

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Can Any “Newbie” Really Make Money Online, Yes But……………

OK, I’m going to be dead honest here, and hey I know with most online posts, that usually means the opposite but NOT here. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to making money online and desperate for some money to buy your family Xmas presents, or if you’ve lost your job and really need something […]

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How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts…… Every Time

Social media messaging is NO “one size fits all”. Each social network is different and each community reacts differently to specific contents or formats. Always adapt and customize your social media posts to tailor your message so that it fits each network and community. This will turn your message into a perfect post for maximum […]

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IRD (Inquiry-Response Driven) Marketing, the only true “New” approach to Marketing in years……

I’ve re written this damn thing 4 times so far, as I was so excited that something genuinely new and genuinely innovative had come along, but to explain it…… is to give it away, so I’ve been trying to think of a way of shouting out…… without giving away an idea that is being, well […]

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Producing Content…… Creation versus Curation, How Many Methods Are there……

It doesn’t matter what your Blog, News site or Website is about, you must produce Posts, Articles and general information pieces for your visitors. Producing your own eBooks as Lead Magnets, give-aways and Promotions has become a must too. So, how does an aspiring Blogger or Nomad Freelancer in need of fresh content go about […]

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Best Freelance Job Boards To Find Your Next Gig

I found this great piece from Freelancing Hacks, and thought it was so good, it was worth passing on, enjoy! Are you tired of paying freelance marketplaces a huge chunk of your earnings as platform fees? Are you tired of having to compete with thousands of other freelancers to land a job? Are you tired […]

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Hosting Company, to be Polite…… Choices

OK, like everything else, in my 3 1/2 years of ‘lost in the wilderness’ I have tried: GoDaddy, Hostgator, Siteground and in the ealry days, looked at the ‘freebies’ like Wix. I have friends that have tried pretty much all the rest…….. well to be honest last time we added up between us it was […]

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Backlink Advice from Neil Patel

I was lucky enough to sit on a webinar/talk by Neil Patel, and while it was way bigger than what I’ve written here, this is the distilled wisdom, i.e. the short version of Neils “shortcut to building good backlinks”, enjoy You’re writing content, but no one’s. Linking to you are you doing something wrong? You […]

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