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Week 1-4 #10 – Top 5 Cold Email Copywriting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them   Let’s, go through some cold email; copywriting mistakes. So, throughout this whole process, i’ve, come up with a couple cold email mistakes that i’ve, seen people make over and over again and that’s. What i want to talk about in today’s. Video here are some common cold email mistakes and how to fix […]

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Week 1-4 #2 – 10 Best New & Not-So-New Websites for Beginner Freelancers in 2021   Added to the transcript are links to all the websites mentioned when you need to go check them out Below are some of the great new freelancing sites that are slowly rising to become big players in the industry. As an added bonus, I checked each of the sites listed here to find […]

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 Week 1-4 #1 – The Best FREE Traffic Spots for New Websites   New websites struggle to get traffic. If you have money it’s easy. All you have to do is find the best ad platform where your target audience is and just pay for ads. But if you don’t have money where can you find free traffic sources? And today I’m going to break down […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 9 – Analyze Other Websites

  Another way to use the Keyword Tool to analyze the keywords being use on another web page. This is a great way to generate keywords off competitor’s sites without too much effort. If you know of sites similar to your own that are already doing a great job attracting traffic, then you should use […]

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Week 1-4 #9 It’s Great To Work From Home but are You Aware Of The Pitfalls

  Day by day the numbers joining the ranks of those working from home is increasing by leaps and bounds. Though working from home has several advantages and attractions, it has its challenges too. It is not a bed of roses as some presume it to be. When you work from home you will be […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 8 – Finding Cash Cow Topics

  The Google Keyword Tool is one way to help you identify topics through researching interesting keywords. In this chapter, we’ll walk you through how to use the Keyword Tool to get the best results. It’s not just a matter of sitting there thinking up words, but actually using the tool to think them up […]

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Week 1-4 #8 How To Be A Freelancer In Demand: Become A Busy Client’s Best Friend

  The very best customers are the active customers. Why? Since they’re the ones with successful services, so they have sufficient money to pay you. They’re likewise the ones who are active enough that they truly need you. And they’re the ones that are most likely to have continuous work for you. They’re additionally the […]

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Week 1-4 #7 Steps On How To Be Successful A Mobile Marketing

  Picture this, you have a way of reaching exactly the type of audience you want and it can be done through something that they hold close to their heart…literally. Mobile marketing is one of the greatest forms of marketing when done right. Read on if you would like to find out more. You need […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 7 – Article Structuring 101

  The second step involves identifying the structure and associating it with the title you’ve chosen in step one. This is a lot easier than it sounds, since we’ll give you exactly the outline for seven different structures that are very common to Internet marketing articles. The nice thing about being aware of different types […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 6 – Plain & Simple Writing

  The elegance of this system is in the simplicity. There are really only four steps, and the last one is to simply write out your articles after the groundwork has been laid! Although the step-by-step process is simple, we will give you detailed ways to add extra oomph to each step of the writing […]

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