Welcome to my Blog


Welcome to my new Blog.

I’ve spent the last year spending, learning, collecting etc etc until now I have finally found what I think is the best way to realistically make money online.

So, I’ll be posting as I test this and other systems, and eventually I will put up all the videos, “How To’s”, free software and links etc etc that I’ve collected along the way.

You’ll have to bear with me, as a year or so ago I had a stroke which has left me Vision Impaired, so now I do the talking/shouting and my poor wife does the typing lol. 

BUT for me the writing Blog content boiled down to two methods, especially given my/our limitations:

1) We write regular rambling, dribbly nonsense just trying to write something or

2) We curate content and articles from acknowledged industry experts who can genuinely help you.

To me it was no contest, so my Blog is all about bringing you the best advice from the best people………. that and a few motivational quotes and a few “life hacks” and a joke or three.

So follow me as we post content from real experts and my own progress.

Thanks, Julian & Janette



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  1. Julian, I love your style of writing, it may be something we Brits, (aka Poms), associate with an Aussie free and easy lifestyle. That may be a completely incorrect judgement but let it suffice to say you have an attractive way of expressing yourself.

    I am not quite sure what direction you are going for; there are recent overtones of the financial markets if that is your preferred niche? A great market to be in if it is your chosen direction.

    I think I know where I am going, but it may not come across in blog posts yet.

    However, I am going to use your Stochastic lead to create a blog article of my own, I may even mix it with my favourite indicator, MACD.

    One of my nephews has recently naturalised as an Australian citizen. It is a country I would love to visit one day. I love Penfolds, sadly it is very expensive now compared to 15 years ago.

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. You must be very lucky to have a great partner. Perhaps it is Janette’s style.

    Regards and good luck to both of you.

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