Week 1-4 #8 How To Be A Freelancer In Demand: Become A Busy Client’s Best Friend


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The very best customers are the active customers. Why? Since they’re the ones with successful services, so they have sufficient money to pay you. They’re likewise the ones who are active enough that they truly need you. And they’re the ones that are most likely to have continuous work for you.

They’re additionally the ones who are the simplest to maintain because you recognize exactly what you need to do to keep them. It’s easy– simply make their life less complicated and also save them as much time as feasible and also they’ll return.

It might look like a simple thing, but it will certainly make a big difference to clients. I know since I have actually spoken to hundreds of customers and also have actually regularly been informed exactly how active they are.

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Right here’s what 3 customers had to state.

” The Best Freelancer”– Emma, Editor

” The distinction between the freelancer I never call once more as well as the freelancer I call on month after month has absolutely nothing to do with composing ability. The difference is that the great freelancer gets done specifically what I need done without any kind of trouble. If I can give her the work, ignore it, and know it’ll get done right, it will certainly always go to her initial.”

” Make it Easy for Me” -Josef, Business Manager

” I contracted a person to do a marketing campaign a few months back. They began emailing me pictures constantly. “What do you think of this for the ad?” “Could this work?” “Do you such as this one?” “Hey, right here’s one you’ll such as.”

I do not have time for these continuous disturbances. I’m type of thankful they desired my point of view, yet do it right. Research study and select a tiny selection of suitable ones. After that send me those at the end of the week and request for me to select which one will work best. That would have been a good (and business-like) technique.”

” No Time to Waste” -George, Project Manager

” I deal with some people who appear to assume that the entire thing is fun as well as games. I sort of recognize that to them it may be. They’re resting in the house and maybe time isn’t valuable to them. However it is to me.

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I do not have time for long call. I do not have time to check out long as well as thorough e-mails. I absolutely do not have time to review lengthy e-mails where you define just how you approached the task and also why you liked completing it. If it’s not on subject, I don’t require to hear it. And also if it is on subject, it’s still best to maintain it short as well as to the point.”

Making it Easy for Customers

Making a client’s life easy is simple to do. All you need to do is keep in mind that the client is busy every single time you contact them and think about exactly how you can make it simpler for them. Right here’s a fine example for a freelancer that was asked to send a brief summary stating the angle and content of the post.

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First Example of Brief to Customer

After a great deal of idea as well as research study, I have actually made a decision that the angle of the short article will certainly focus on effective means of trading shares on a budget plan. I prepare to cover three main subjects. These will certainly be new floats, affordable shares, and exactly how to reduce trading prices.

2nd Instance of Quick to Client

Angle: Trading Shares on a Budget


– New floats

– Low-priced shares

– Decreasing trading prices


Both examples communicate the very same meaning. However the example with headings and bullets is much easier to read. The hectic customer can find out precisely what they need to understand with little greater than a glance. It additionally has an extra expert and also well organized look and so develops a much better impression of you.

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And as a last added reward, the most convenient means for the customer is likewise the simplest and also quickest method for you. So, you win a little added time as well as quite perhaps a long-lasting customer.

A Last Pointer

Keep in mind that if clients appear rushed, they most likely are. If clients seem stressed, they probably are. Do not think of it as a poor thing– think about it as a great possibility.

If you can be one of individuals that makes life less complicated and eliminates a few of the anxiety, you’ve got yourself a client that is likely to pay you well as well as pay you commonly. And that’s what an effective freelancer requires to do well.


Keep an Eye out for More………….

All the Best, Jules & Jan

Always remember “Life is to be Enjoyed Not Endured”

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