Week 1-4 #2 – 10 Best New & Not-So-New Websites for Beginner Freelancers in 2021



Added to the transcript are links to all the websites mentioned when you need to go check them out

Below are some of the great new freelancing sites that are slowly rising to become big players in the industry. As an added bonus, I checked each of the sites listed here to find out their platform fees.

So number one Cloud Peeps:  Cloud Peeps is a freelance site that covers a wide range of skills, from marketing to social media managers, seo professionals, developers, designers and more it’s.

Been serviced by over 20 000 customers in multiple countries, since it has a fairly small customer base and professionals, you will have a higher chance at landing jobs on this site, give it a try.

Number two, Freelance My Way:  Freelance My Way is a brand new freelancing Marketplace that focuses on six job categories, including web development, design, writing seo mobile and data entry, the platform carefully screens every freelancer to accept only the most qualified professionals.

A great feature of freelance. My way is that it requires clients to verify payment and make a deposit before the project begins, to ensure that freelancers always get paid on time. The platform charges a $20 fee from freelancers, which is the same as Upwork.

Number three Free Up:  Free Up is a new freelancing platform that only accepts freelancers after putting them through a vetting process. This ensures the platform is free of unqualified and cheap freelancers, which means you won’t have to compete in bidding wars, to win jobs on this site.

Instead, you will be rewarded for your skills and experience getting into the platform won’t be easy, but if you have a good portfolio and experience in your industry give free up a try.

Girl Woman Typing Writing Blogger - kaboompics / PixabayNumber four Speedlancer:  Speedlancer is worth a mention, because the site is quickly growing in popularity.

This site also focuses on featuring only the high quality or premium freelancers. You’ll, find a lot of experienced freelancers in there. Apparently delivering the job in under four hours is the main selling point of this site.

The only downside is its $20 platform fee, which is pretty much the same as Upwork.

Number five Contenta:  Contenta is a freelance job board made specifically for copywriters. It includes writing jobs that are regularly updated, covering various copywriting jobs, ranging from blog article writing to book.

Writing, resume writing and much more after a simple registration process. You can easily apply for these. Writing jobs without having to get into any bidding wars.

Number six Servicescape:  Servicescape is a new but growing freelance site that only covers writing translation, editing and graphic design jobs.

It currently has over 80k registered clients, including reputable companies. This site is perfect for established freelance writers and designers. You will have to fill out a really long sign up form to register with the site.

Only downside is it only supports Paypal and checks for sending your earnings.

Man Employee Computer Monitor - mohamed_hassan / PixabayNumber seven  Workana:  Workana is a platform that features freelancers from Latin America & Asia, so if you’re, an Hispanic or Asian freelancer, you should definitely be on this site.

I couldn’t figure out. The pricing system for the platform feel free to have a look through.

Number Eight Outsourcely:  Outsourcely is another new freelancing site that rewards freelancers with amazing features and options.

Outsourcely is completely free to use and it lets you keep 100 of what you earn. No platform fees, the site only charges employers for using the platform.

Number nine Remote.com:  Remote.com is a well-established platform with more than two million registered freelancers.

The platform uses an interesting a.i, artificial intelligence technology to match the freelancers with the right jobs and clients. You can join remote.com and apply for jobs for free.

Man Desk Laptop Lamp - tarun_shihora115 / PixabayNumber10 Golance:  Golance is one of the new freelancing platforms that’s quietly on the rise to fame.

Its founder and ceo michael brooks has quite an inspiring vision for the future of this new site. If you’re looking for jobs related to marketing, programming or web development, this new platform will offer you plenty of jobs to select from Golance also has a considerably low $10 platform fee.



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All the Best, Jules & Jan

Always remember “Life is to be Enjoyed Not Endured”

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