Week 1-4 #10 – Top 5 Cold Email Copywriting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Let’s, go through some cold email; copywriting mistakes.

So, throughout this whole process, i’ve, come up with a couple cold email mistakes that i’ve, seen people make over and over again and that’s.

What i want to talk about in today’s. Video here are some common cold email mistakes and how to fix them.

The first mistake is no personalization, and i know why you do this. I used to do this too. You think that personalizing, an email takes way too long, and you’d, rather send an email out to a thousand people than spend two minutes for email writing.

Custom first lines. Well, i got ta tell you that that is not going to help you in the long run, especially if you’re, not testing your cold emails and you’re, just sending out a script that you created to a thousand people.

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What works instead is personalizing. The email writing a custom first line at minimum for each of these emails, as you send them out, we have a video that goes through exactly how to write custom first lines.

Personalization, then jump into your pitch.

That is so much more powerful than hey alex. I run a company that does xyz like no one cares come on which actually brings us to the second point. Being too me, centric me centric means your email is about you.

So, for instance, if i was to write an email – and it said something like hello tom, my name is alex berman. I run a cold emailing consulting company where we’ve, helped millions of people gain more clients using cold email.

That’s. One way to write it the other way to write it would be hey tom, huge fan of all of the work you did growing your agency, i run a cold email, consulting company and i’d love to help you generate more clients using cold Email notice that, just by adding that little bit of you centricness making it less about me and more about them, we’re able to increase the quality of the email and thus get more responses.

This is the type of thing that is very simple: doesn’t require more work and will increase your response rates by a vast amount considerably. Another issue that people run into is they’re, sending too much information.

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I tend to delete emails that are paragraph after paragraph long and most people do too now. What i try to do is make the email fit on the phone screen. Just if you see this phone screen that’s about as long as your email should be three to five sentences, not too much more than that.

If you find yourself writing paragraph after paragraph after paragraph, you need to sit down and realize that no one’s gonna look at that one, but two: you need to be able to understand your business enough to crunch it down.

Typically, what i like to do is hey name: custom first line. One sentence case study: ask for the meeting that’s. All you really need in a cold email. If you’re writing paragraph after paragraph, you’re, doing something wrong.

If you really feel like they need to see all this info, then what i would do is have the call to action of the email be mind. If i send some more info. Have them say yes and then send this long information dump, but in general you don’t need that at all the next big mistake is these emails will have no clear call to action.

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They’ll, say stuff, like let me know if that’s of interest to you period or even just a big info dump, with nothing in there like what am i supposed to do with this email? Instead, you want a clear call to action, meaning hey! We’d, love to hop on the phone and talk about doing this.

For you, how does thursday at 2pm work or mind if i send over a few times for a quick call, just those two sentences alone will increase your response rates a lot of the time if people aren’t responding and you’re following all of these tips, it’s because you’re, not actually asking a question now.

The call to action in general works better if it’s, a yes or no question mind if i send over some info. Yes, now you’re sending over info. Now you’re talking to each other. It’s happening rather than do you have any questions about lead generation.

I can answer, which is something that people ask in emails and i do not know why they’re doing this. Another big mistake is trying to sell on the cold email itself, and this can work for cheaper products.

Like let’s, say you’re selling a 15 software product. You might be able to sell it via cold email, but if it’s that low price, i would probably sell it via ads. What i typically specialize in are high ticket b2b products, so b2b services and productized services that are anywhere from two thousand.

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A month up to a million dollar two million dollar contracts and those are best served by sending a cold email to get them on a call where you then pitch your product, build a relationship and then close.

They’re, not served by sending a cold email and trying to get someone to buy right away. You’re, not gonna get somebody to buy your ten thousand dollar a month service by asking for it on email number one.

You need to build a little relationship, even if that relationship happens over a 15-minute phone call. It needs to happen. So when you’re, sending these cold emails make sure you’re, asking for a call using the calls to action that we just talked about like hey mind.

If i send over a few times for a quick call, the dream of selling 10 000 deals over email. I’m, not gonna say it’s not possible because i ‘ Ve definitely spent massive amounts of money without talking to people on the phone, and i’ve sold to people without it.

If you’re, a new entrepreneur just starting out get on the phone with people and it’s, not just because getting on the phone is some magic bullet. It’s because you’re gonna learn a lot of soft skills right now, robert, my co-founder has made millions of dollars via cold email, and yet, when we’re launching institute of sales, he is still booking meetings With clients and meeting with them, because anytime, you launch a new service or product, if you can get in the room with customers, you can learn more from one 15-minute call than you would, after years of surveying or guessing based on cold emails without any customer communication.

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So that’s, the main thing, if you really want to gain a lot of experience fast, you need to talk to customers. You’re, not going to learn this from a course. You can learn the baseline from a course, especially a great one, but if you’re not in there talking to customers, you’re, not really going to be making progress.

All just theory, and it’s, basically a waste of time. We’re, not hobbyists. Here right, we’re, trying to create businesses that are going to change our lives. This video is brought to you by email. 10K.

Hey, are you still thinking about investing in facebook or google ads to grow your business? Well, i just did and it took me ten thousand dollars to break even so, unless you have that to drop before you see any results at all.

I highly recommend you look into cold email because it’s, a better and cheaper way to kick start your business and honestly,  i wish i would have invested the 10k in cold email. I would have seen a much bigger return and have, in the past.


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All the Best, Jules & Jan

Always remember “Life is to be Enjoyed Not Endured”

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