Can Any “Newbie” Really Make Money Online, Yes But……………

OK, I’m going to be dead honest here, and hey I know with most online posts, that usually means the opposite but NOT here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to making money online and desperate for some money to buy your family Xmas presents, or if you’ve lost your job and really need something to replace lost income…………or even if you’ve been chipping away at this for a while and still can’t make a buck.

If you need some quick’ish, reliable, “evergreen” income, that requires not much more than a computer, an internet connection and the will to succeed, then there’s no denying making money online works, and is super easy to get into……….. if you go about it the right way.

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So if you type “make money online 2020” into the search bar in Youtube you get hundreds of choices………. some of which are genuine and can really make you $100+ per day BUT, which one do you use………. which one is real………… which one actually works………… is your life going to be long enough to work through them all until you work  out which one is for real, lol


Most/all have one or more of the following problems:

1) They say “newbie friendly” but often they assume you know about websites work, how Fiverr works etc etc, in other words that you have a basic working knowledge.

2) They all push their own “favourite” way for you to make money………. which is also their favourite to make money……. by you using/buying their “recommended best way”……..and OK I’ll be honest, the few suggestions I make are something I make a small affiliate commission on too BUT I ONLY recommend a very few and I can guarantee they work………. and you’ve got my email address lol

3) After you’re ready to go, you find that you need another App or software or have to visit a dodgy site to get a patch to make it all work………. it’s called “BlackHat” for a reason, stay away if you value your computer!

4) You go to a recommended particular website or App and it’s not there……… and wouldn’t you know it they just happen to have “their” alternative for you, nudge, nudge, wink, wink

5) Or THE most frustrating of all, it works great for a while and then either stops or they then want $50+ a month to kick it off again, Mailbiz was a great example of this.


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To be fair, things change so quickly on the internet that I’ve noticed I can recommend an App, and in a week it’s gone, so it’s not always a sign of dishonestly when that happens…….. the most important thing is to check they are open about things and offer viable, well established alternatives that work!

A good example is the Watch2Earn App. Plenty of genuine ratings, a large number of happy customers, lots said they earned money using it………. and then it’s gone (as of today anyway).

So you either look for a similar App, go back to Youtube searching, or use a system from someone you can trust………. but NO MATTER WHAT YOU BUY INTO……….. always make sure they:

1) Offer a money back guarantee……… and BUY THROUGH PAYPAL if you can. It’s not always a “red flag” to me if a vendor doesn’t take Paypal i.e. if they’ve been around a while it’s OK.

2) Offer a method/system that is complete, i.e. it provides EVERYTHING YOU NEED, so you don’t have to learn, source or buy extras to make it work!

3) Come via an established purchase site (e.g. Clickbank) one that has history and you can trust

4) Offer some SERVICE, this is ssooo hard to find in this business! Make sure they have an email address and/or a Help Desk contact

5) Have been around a while

Here’s the real bummer…….. do you know why most fail at making money online……… it’s not the App or system that’s no good, it’s that most, almost all folks that buy into a method/system DO NOTHING WITH IT

Surprised Surprise Shocked Shock - RobinHiggins / PixabayI’m not supposed to tell you that, you’re supposed to think if you buy a method/system and put in 30 minutes a day, all will turn to endless beer and peanuts……….. that’s BS, sorry.

You have to apply yourself, consistently. If this is supposed to be important treat it like it is, lecture over


Learn from my stupidity, I’ve spent 3 1/2 years buying every “shiny new object” and the very latest “next big thing”……….. and been ripped off by the best and the worst, and slow learner that I am, I have at last got my *&^% together, I think.

While I can’t/shouldn’t name the ones that I know for a fact are no good at what they do, I can tell you that some of the biggest in the biz are ONLY interested in launching a product, raking in the money, refunding anyone who asks (most of the time) and moving onto the next product launch.
They have their own circle of other Developers/friends/Vendors who always show up in testimonials FOR EACH OTHERS PRODUCTS………. so it’s all glowing reports and smiling faces.

You can figure that guys launching a new product are a bit shy about “revealing all” BUT that also means that you can’t find out what a product really does or if it does what they say, or even if it’s for you…….. until you try it

That is why I became a “serial refunder” for this very reason. I’d buy into a piece of software having to believe it did what they said………. only to find it either:

1) Didn’t do what was promised………. much more common than you might think

2) You had to buy at least 1 upsell to get any real return from it. Sure the basic (Front End) cheap $15 “leader” purchase did actually work but to earn anything more than a cab fare, you had to buy the OTO1 @ $67 and/or OTO2 @ $47, also very common

3) Or that to make their system work, I had to use something I had no experience with e.g. Reddit

And the number of times I had to go to Paypal to get a refund was huge, and not from Asian or African Vendors, the worst were in Australia or America…….. the Reseller blames the Vendor who blames the Developer who blames the………… you get it.

So to finish up, there are 2 kinds of folks looking to make a dollar online, those with little/no experience in the Make Money online area and those who have been trying for a while and not made it yet.

For those who have little to no experience, I offer these 2 links to genuine earners that I know work, are supported and that offer refunds if you just can’t get it to work for you:

CLICK HERE to See The simple formula for making consistent money online with minimal effort

CLICK HERE to See How We Went From $50 To $1000 Days In 5 Simple Steps

NOTE: There’s a reason the above 2 methods have been the top sellers on very reputable Clickbank Marketplace for ages…………….. THEY WORK

The worst you’ll get by visiting any of the links above is some free eBooks for your trouble and hey, you just might find what you need!

Sometimes both beginners and the experienced can profit from attending a free Webinar run by one of the few genuine 7 figure Entrepreneurs that have history, proof and can GIVE YOU A SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS.

To cut a long story short, to succeed you have to invest in yourself………… would you dream of starting a profession or trade without learning from someone in that profession or trade……… hell no, how would you ever succeed.

Sure you could battle your way through, and maybe, slowly get there in the end, but your work would always be compromised.

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Oh and here’s the link to the YouTube offerings………. once you’ve spent an hour or 3 there, are even more confused, and maybe on the verge of giving up………… come back here and follow my suggestions above.

GOOD LUCK and if you ever need me please email me at and as soon as I can I’ll get back to you, but it’s just me, so give me a day and then try again if it doesn’t get to me.



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