“Serial Refunder”?


Morning All

– On a Group chat a while ago I saw a couple of software vendors swapping comments about what a pain some people were for asking for refunds!  They made jokes about how “They must need the money”, “How much have I got left in the bank……….. I know I’ll get some refunds!”


– Ho ho ho, how sophisticated, urbane and intellectual they were…. not, still it made them feel better.

– I’ll own up to over 18 months getting maybe 10 refunds, 2 in the last month, and why…………… because simply put I didn’t get I’d been promised, the analogy would be ordering a fillet steak and getting a cheeseburger, or maybe more accurately the deal might have gone:

“Buy this car, it’ll do everything you need”, so you go ahead and buy it and……… find out it only has 2 seats! It’s still a cool car car but………. not a good fit for you.


– Or as has happened to me and others I’ve heard from, you buy a software that promises to teach you “how to get thousands of free traffic subscribers”……….. so you buy in and find it uses a method that even the vendor says can take weeks/months to achieve BUT “If you use Solo Ads you can get there in no time!”, yeah thanks.


– One thing vendors should check……… and don’t seem to……… is how their problems are handled, what can sometimes be jokingly called “Support”. The 2 refunds I’ve had this month were not because I didn’t want the software………. I really did, but there were just simple, basic problems and their “Help Desks” were bloody useless! One couldn’t even get that I’d paid for the Pro version and I’d only been given the Basic Front End version……… which didn’t work, and they didn’t/couldn’t offer a simple download to fix it! So they admitted “We can’t fix your problem so we’ll process a refund”. Then as the ultimate admission of defeat they offered a $250 credit towards other software………. but why would I trust anything they “support”?


– The other had been forced to make changes because Facebook had changed it’s methods……. no problem there except 1) Their setup/instructions bore no resemblance to the screens I was now looking at and 2) As the vendor was catching up with FB changes, and what he had to do to make “things work”, he was passing  the “I think this will work” on to me……….. well most of the time it didn’t, work that is.


– I do get that vendors can’t give away the “secret sauce” in their promo videos, otherwise they have nothing left, but then that’s a bit of a 2-way deal, once people buy the product and find it’s not a good “fit” for them, there’s always going to be the chance folks will want their money back.


– So while I do get that a percentage of punters have unreasonable expectations that this or that software is the “magic beans” that will solve their money problems with little to no work, some vendors should look to fix their software or backup service before pumping out another “world beater”.


Cheers, Julian


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