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It doesn’t matter what your Blog, News site or Website is about, you must produce Posts, Articles and general information pieces for your visitors.

Producing your own eBooks as Lead Magnets, give-aways and Promotions has become a must too.

So, how does an aspiring Blogger or Nomad Freelancer in need of fresh content go about it in 2020/21 and beyond.

There are a gazillion (that’s a 1 with 17 1/2 zeros behind it lol) articles on the internet that will give you a guide to “Starting Your First Blog” or “Build a website in 15 minutes” blah, blah, blah……. 90% of them solely aimed at either selling you their services, or their preferred “must haves”, and so by the time you’ve read the first 3 paragraphs there’s been 10 affiliate links and 5 new tabs……….. and you’re just plain bloody confused!

So for the purposes of this post I’m going to assume you know at least the basics in this post and have:

A Domain name
A Hosting company
A Theme
The necessary basic ‘must have’ Plug-ins

Also you’ve identified your niche i.e. Dogs or Guitars or hell, the Seismology of the Bolivian Altiplano……… whatever you’re keen on and can “talk about”.

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If you don’t go here for my “short list” and why I chose them.

This post will be a review on the tools necessary, or just nice to have, to create posts, articles and/or eBooks, all easily and quickly.

Sure, you don’t “need” any of them but hell they make your life ssooo much easier and let you pump out product much faster, that looks great and that folks want to read, or even buy.

Firstly ‘the’ most important ‘must have’ IMHO is a Google account. It gives you:

– An email address
– A Youtube channel
– 15GB of storage, pics, docs, whatever!
– Word processor – as a bonus that imports/opens Microsoft docs
– Spreadsheet – as a bonus that imports/opens Microsoft Exel

and the list goes on and on, hell it’ll even open/rip PDF’s for you.

I know you’ve got all this but I have to mention it as lot’s of folks don’t know about the PDF ripping and Microsoft import/export, and that you can open a Doc in one format and save/export in another…… it’s a great conversion tool.

Virtually unlimited video hosting on your own YT channel is also great…… and wait for it…… ALL OF THE ABOVE IS FREE

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Now, even if you just love raving about “How to channel your dead Chihuahua”, there’ll be days when, who would have thought it, coming up with post or article content is just way too hard…… so what do you do?

Now here’s the HUGE debate amongst Bloggers, eBook creators, Article writers, PLR sellers and anyone else who needs content for their business…… how to produce fresh, original and interesting content that your customers will love you for…… and do it sustainably and ethically, again and again, week in and week out…… you know that feeling right lol.

It’s way more than a debate, it’s a bloody problem for most of us. Who hasn’t stared at a screen and thought, shit, what do I write now?

Well there’s basically 6 way’s to attack this:

1) Create: If you’re one of the lucky ones who is blessed with an imagination and the ability to write engagingly, I envy you hugely, but creating your own, fresh, niche oriented content consistently, that other folks will love to read is a gift…… and a rare one.

– My experience is that not too many folks are in this category, most of us struggle from time to time and sometimes for extended periods. You know how it goes, the more you panic over “having” to produce something, the less chance you’ve got, panic, blockage, panic, blockage argh, a negative reinforcement vortex to give it a high tech term!

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2) Outsource: Pay a freelancer on e.g. Fiverr to create niche oriented content for you. This is indeed one way of overcoming the problem. All you have to do is find a good freelancer and “manage” them.

– This can be great but has it’s own problems:

a) You may have to “Kiss a lot of frogs to find the Prince” i.e. not everyone on e.g. Fiverr can do what they say they can,

b) It can be an expensive route, costing hundreds to thousands a year, and

c) You probably won’t be their only client so getting what you want, when you want it can be a real fight sometimes.

3) Curate: Take someone elses good work and “repurpose it” i.e. use content created by another as your own. Quick and easy right?

– There are several ways of doing this:

a) “As is”, that is copy the entire post or article and repost it on your own Blog, remembering to “cite” or credit the original creator, usually with a link at the end of your post.
– A quick way to get going but you can’t use this method alone, or it looks like you have little to set you apart i.e. why should folks come to your site to read someone elses content, why not go straight to theirs?

b) “Hybrid”, or take a paragraph or two of a great post from someone else, and make a post of your own, adding your own input, thoughts, conclusions etc but again linking back to the original site.
– You do need some imagination for this but not nearly as much as starting from scratch, and Google will think its “original content” too.

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4) “Spinning” & Article Libraries: There are any number of content libraries on the net from free ones e.g. Ezine to a truck load of paid ones e.g. Big Content Search, and many many more.
– While you could use these libraries content “as is”, to be “original content” to Google and more importantly your readers, they should be personalised or rewritten by you.
– Again this is easier than starting from scratch but can be a chore at times.
– This is usually done by using a “Spinner” software which automatically rewrites it for you, keeping the grammar etc in tact so it looks like English really is your first language. There’s a few of these but Spin Rewriter is probably the most famous and widely used.
– Quick, easy and painless…… for a modest price.
– “Purists” call it cheating, and maybe it is but to those with little or blocked creativity it might be the only solution, and it’s haw the music industry has got by for years!

d) “A WP Plugin”, there are several plugins around the net, downloadable inside WP or via 3rd Party vendors e.g. Code Canyon (now Envato) that will “fetch” content from RSS feeds, Wiki articles, FB posts or a number of sources.
– I’ve tried lots of these and they ALL have problems. All work to a greater or lesser degree but most don’t have good support, or of so certainly not after 12 months. If you can compromise these are a quick, cheap easy way to get content from almost anywhere you choose.
– Some have inbuilt “Spinners” but most don’t, so you don’t end up with “original content”.

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5) “From a URL”: eBook creators like Sqribble & Designrr etc have a built in facility to simply paste in a URL from a website that has content you fancy, and in no time you’ve got an eBook. All you have to do is format it etc and you’re good to go. You can copy or export the content to use as a blog post if you want as well.
– The “biggies” here are that:

a) It’s original content to Google and your customers, and in a different format from the original.

b) You produce an eBook as well as an article/blog post, a real bonus.

c) You can integrate it with other material to make truly original and unique content.

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6) The “Gorilla” method: That solves all of the above problems:

a) It creates genuinely original content that Google and your customers will love

b) Requires little or no creativity on your part

c) Takes minutes to create an article/post

d) Has a built in article Spinner, should you need it.

e) Automatically add relevant images to your article/post.

f) Inbuilt Grammar & Punctuation correction

g) Create content in up to 105 languages

h) Works in any niche.

i) Social media integration.

– Rather than me ruin the good news…… here’s a link someone who can explain it properly…… and at the very least you end up with a free eBook, at most you end up with the solution to all your Content Creation problems…… forever



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