The 6 Habits of a Successful Solopreneur

In various other words, if you pick to start your day working on low-value jobs, you’ll quickly establish the practice of constantly working on low-value jobs. When you make a behavior of remaining arranged, locating what you require ends up being a whole lot simpler. Whatever skill it is, take infant steps as well as […]

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The Two Types of Domain Buyers

Domain name investors sell their domain names to two different types of buyers. The first, so-called “end-users,” are people who have a use for the domain name. This might be an entrepreneur starting a business or a large company launching a new product line. An end-user might also buy a domain name for competitive reasons, […]

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Why You Need to Back Up Your Website… Now!

As a tiny business owner with an online existence, you could decide to periodically miss out on that regular web site backup. Seems harmless? Reconsider. Whether a malicious cyberattack happens or your computer system is out for the count, web site risks lurk around every corner and also present genuine damage to your service bottom […]

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The Social Being: A Woman-Run Digital Agency

I satisfied Veronica In March 2011, while volunteering at the WordPress booth at the SXSW Tradeshow. After years of working in nonprofits, marketing, as well as promotions, in 2011 Veronica began up a brand-new business called The Social Being. Veronica was likewise indispensable to constructing a neighborhood WordPress area in San Antonio.

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How One-word Domains Became Branding Goldmines

These are all brand name names of business that do not sell what their names recommend. One-word company names aren’t a fad or trend. Domain investors need to think about including one-word domains to their profile to take benefit of this.

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Our Web Security Sale Returns on February 25

Having the appropriate safety is not every little thing when it comes to remaining risk-free online. The following articles consist of other best-practice ideas and techniques and also go into higher information about on the internet safety and security.– A more thorough, considerable run-down of the myriad security functions your Namecheap account has to supply.

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A World Map of Domain Names

Country-code domain name names are two-letter domain name expansions. Some nations on the map are bigger than life due to the fact that their people like the local country-code domain. Some country code domain names have residency demands so that only people that live in the nation can register them.

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How To Turn A Side Hustle Into Your Dream Business

We’ve all imagined handing in our notification, clearing the contents of our snack drawer, and also starting out on our very own with a commemorative hand pump– like Judd Nelson in the final scene of The Breakfast Club. If you’re one of the over 44 million Americans that have a side hustle, this far-off dream […]

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Earning Extra Money Online: a No-nonsense Guide

Topping up your income can make life a little much easier. Unanticipated prices like vets expenses or car repair services can occur at any time, as well as, you need some extra cash money. There are genuine methods to make money online that do not include going to an on-line gambling establishment! What’s even more, […]

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Live Domain Auction Sells $1.8 Million in Domains

By the time the last hammer dropped in Austin, Texas, an auction in January 2020 earned $1.8 million in sales. The auction had not been for vintages, vehicles, or jewelry. It was for virtual property– an online domain public auction for domain. Of the Dot, a domain brokerage, arranged the auction at the NamesCon domain […]

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