IRD (Inquiry-Response Driven) Marketing, the only true “New” approach to Marketing in years……

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I’ve re written this damn thing 4 times so far, as I was so excited that something genuinely new and genuinely innovative had come along, but to explain it…… is to give it away, so I’ve been trying to think of a way of shouting out…… without giving away an idea that is being, well given away by someone else!

I have to say this was not intended as a sales letter, but as the principle method involved is one that can’t be explained without “giving it away” then yes by shouting out, this ends up being a bit of a sales letter, but why should that put you off discovering something genuinely new and different…… that will give you the edge.

OK now to back up this proud boast with some current industry “expert opinion”.





Hubspot and others are rightly suggesting that the tried and true, over used(?), much loved “funnel” has “reached it’s use by date”.

I guess what they mean to say is that it’s be nice to have an “edge” by using something new…… and they are suggesting/pushing the “Flywheel”, a rethink of where and how we position the customer in the sales process.

If I read it right, they place the customer at the centre, and make the sales process one of presenting choices based on what the customer ‘wants’…… now around about here is where I have a problem.

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Many moons ago I started a company to produce lighting prototypes for Architects, Interior Designers and Consultants. The idea was to take a digital photo (using the then ultra new Cannon Ion aka XAP Shot) of the building, site, situation etc where the light fitting was to be required, then draw, in CAD/3D, the as yet unmade fitting and place it in situ, i.e. put the imaginary light fitting in the real world situation.

It might sound old hat now, but in the late 1980’s it was pretty much cutting edge.

That way everyone from the Architect through the chain to the the end user/client could “see” their ideas in situ…… as if it was real.

We thought it was a winner of an idea, and would save a fortune on having expensive prototypes made (no 3D printing yet), most of which were destined to end up on the scrap heap before a final decision was made.

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Well guess what happened when we told people “You can have whatever you want”, “Whatever you can imagine, we can make”…… nothing…… no one from supposed creatives to the end user could be definitive on anything!

There’s a million theories on this, “fear of looking stupid”, not knowing where to start, or it’s as simple as they have no taste or ideas, and the list goes on etc etc etc.

– In the end to save going broke we made copies of imported fittings that were unavailable at the time.

Our “ahead of it’s time” plan took a back seat to financial realities i.e. we had to go back to giving people what they wanted, or were told they wanted, or more often than not what they had “seen what they wanted”.

People think they know what they want, but all they know for sure…… is what they DON’T want, and that’s after someone has put that choice in front of them.

Sorry to sound like a downer here but what is the old expression, “A pessimist is just an optimist with experience”?

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That’s where the “Flywheel” sales process worries me. I’m the first to admit I haven’t seen the “fine print” but there’s no way you can start with “Now tell us what you want”…… and end up anywhere meaningful, anytime soon!

I get I’m probably going to take some flack for this article…… mainly because it’s going to come across as arrogant, which is not how I mean it to be.

There’s NO big headedness (?) when I say this opinion is probably the most important ‘thing’ I’ve ever put on paper in the last 3 years…… see I told it was going to sound arrogant.

OK so it’s a bit easy for me to say now that I came up with this theory/idea 3 months ago……. but I did, but to be fair to James (the guy who put it together) I didn’t have his history, experience, confidence or set up, or the balls to get it together!

So as has been said, you can have the best idea in the world but if it doesn’t see the light of day…… it’s nothing.

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I’m so excited to see someone with his set up and experience to put this new, revolutionary sales approach on paper and offer it to the world…… for almost nothing

Don’t let the giveaway price fool you…… I think this is the single biggest change in the “how to sell since….. well, the “funnel



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