How I “write” my Blog & Why

Welcome everyone. If you haven’t caught up with me/us yet, my name is Julian, and my wife Janette and I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

I set out to teach myself Affiliate/Online Marketing in an attempt to get an income, as I was too young for the pension and too old to get a job……… a common problem.


Well a year later I had a stroke, which affected the Vision Centre in my brain, and so ended up legally Blind, not a good place for an aspiring Internet marketer.

I can still “see” but not in any way well enough to type, read or put together a blog………… so, it all has to be done with software and with the help of my long suffering wife, I do the shouting and she does the typing haha.


As I set most of it up before I had my stroke, and I’m blessed with a great memory, I can remember nearly all the softwares, screens etc and guide my wife through things BUT I can’t expect her to regularly write about things she’s not doing or familiar with, so…………. as I/we can’t dribble on like most Bloggers do (apologies to the good ones out there) I thought it was much more useful if I/we curate really useful information from the top experts in the field and provide useful, pertinent, accurate, industry information on a regular ongoing basis.


So you won’t see posts from us telling how we tried 72 times to start our post today, then gave up and went fishing……….. you’ll see the latest and best industry information 2-3 times a day.

It’s not laziness, just a passion to continue and work with the limitations I/we have………….. and I want to stay married too lol.



I/we hope you find the posts we provide of use and wish everyone the best in your individual journeys.

Regards, Julian & Janette



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