Google’s new “Community Standards” hypocrisy…….


– I decided I’d practice what I’ve been preaching and get into Live Streams as a promotional tool, by using prerecorded videos and ranking them through Live Events.
– So I get myself the appropriate software that makes it idiot proof (should at least stand a fighting chance now) by letting you stitch together thumbnails, videos, Calls to Actions etc etc and then going straight to streaming.


– Well after the usual/inevitable software shortcomings, “oops that is in the upsell 2”, or the best I got was after contacting the Support for the Octane software re details NOT in the training videos………… “Watch the Training Videos” was the one line, brilliant “support”!
– Still after figuring it out for myself (the usual software support) I’m finally ready (I hope) to try my first Live Event/Stream.

– I should have said here that I’d chosen the “baby steps” option in the Octane tutorial and started with a Clickbank product, got my affiliate/hop link, got one of the Vendors own videos from their Affiliate Library, added a jazzy thumbnail in the front, CTA at the end, all looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself…….. so dare I say it we’re ready to go.

– My welcome to my YT channel was a video from “somebody” at Google saying how “we’ve listened to our customers” and evidently they’ve reviewed the strikes/banning/deletion thingo, so now it’s more fair and there’s even an appeal process if you think they’ve been a bit autocratic…….. wow how enlightened and what good timing on my part, for a change.

– After a few stilted attempts, flags about low resolution etc etc I hit the button and not one but 3 Red Flag dropdowns appear, telling me “Video removed: Inappropriate content”, so I go to my “status” page and see I have one strike for “Violating Community Standards……… but if I disagree I can “Appeal here”, wow thinks me that’s pretty cool, Google has lifted it’s game! – Now here’s where my inherent stupidity/naivety kicked in, I actually thought this was a genuine, bona fide appeal form, what a Dick!!!!!

– I wasted my time replying stating that how could it be violating anything as 1) I got the video from the vendor 2) I was an approved affiliate and 3) the same video is on Youtube in 20 different uploads, and all I had done was add a thumbnail front and back of the vendors video (no sex, drugs or Rock’n’Roll used, or animals harmed in the process) ………… case argued and won thinks me smugly, huh.

– I get confirmation saying they’ll review and get back to me……………………………. 3 minutes later as it turned out!
“After further review of the content, we’ve determined (daring to hint any human was even remotely involved) that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision. We appreciate your understanding.”


– God help us if this is the future of AI/Bots/algorithms deciding outcomes. I know that they’re only as good as the low IQ, high self opinionated twats, or worse “cave dwelling” nerds with zero interpersonal/how-life-really-works-skills that set them up, but the cold reality is it is done by companies making Billions, paying little/no Tax and using software or $1 an hour “slaves” in 3rd world countries making decisions on “community standards” for people speaking 200 languages from 1000 different locales………. a situation in which educated humans, speaking that language, sensitive to that culture could have difficulty with, let alone the faceless behemouth Google saving millions in dollars running a smooth operation, for them at least, being Judge, jury and Executioner………. with NO Court of Appeal. Despite their PR platitudes and smug, smarmy explainer videos spewing BS to the contrary.

– As one of the few good online teachers warns, “If Google makes an in house decision, behind closed doors, overnight, you could be out of business”, with no warning, no compensation and no redress……….. and oh yes it has happened before.

– So I guess I’ll do what everyone else does and start half a dozen YT accounts to “get around” the whims of Google that no one can predict or accurately explain, least of all Google, but then again they don’t have to, and they know it.


Good Luck Folks, Julian & Janette



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