Google Mastery Video Series…… Free to You……

Over the next few weeks/months, we’ll be sending to anyone on our email list, our Free video courses…… starting with the excellent 45 x video “Google Mastery” series.

Then the brilliant “Newbie Mistakes” course, and don’t think we all can’t learn something here…… no matter how long you’ve been at it.

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Then in a 20+ video series, we’ll show you, where to find, how to convert, best way to host and basically how to turn any PLR into your own product and how to monetise it.

Then a comprehensive course on that old problem…… Traffic, and yes we can all learn a thing ot two here as well.

Then we’ll be following up with other courses…… ALL FOR FREE.

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On the “Google” Video series, we’d like to say we know there’s information here that no matter how long you’ve been online, you’ll learn things you didn’t know………… guaranteed.

Having said that, the internet, and Google, change at the drop of a hat and without notification, so while at the time of putting these courses together the info was all present and correct, it may have suffered over the few weeks it took to get it out there.

Apologies if that’s the case, but you’ll still be learning some great stuff………… and it’s FREE

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Google “Mastery” Video Series (45 Videos)

I’ll have to be honest here, I didn’t even know you could use YouTube to transcribe video speech directly to documents, or use Docs to Voice-Type?

I think all of these will be useful in one way or another………. Enjoy

01 Google Classroom
02 Voice Typing with Docs
03 YouTube Transcripts
04 Gmail External Productivity Hacks-Voice And Management
05 Gmail-Internal-Productivity-Hacks.
06 Google-Calendar-Productivity-Hacks
07 Google-Calendar-Multiple-Calendars
08 Google-Docs-Basic-Collaboration-and-Microsoft-Word-Import
09 Use-Google-Docs-To-Collaborate-To-Edit-A-PDF
10 Use-Google-Docs-to-Collaborate-In-Real-Time-Wit…-Conference
11 Collaborate-With-Google-Docs-And-Spreadsheets
12 Collaborate With Google Slides
13 Collaborate-With-Google-Drive
14 Collaborate And Collect Information With Google Forms
15 Manage Tasks & Projects With Google Keep
16 Collaborate With Google Hangouts
17 Using YouTube Live Streaming For Collaboration
18 Get More Communication Options With Google Voice
19 Using-Google-Docs-Offline.
20 G-Suite-Applications-Paid

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Google “Advanced Search” Video Series

Some of these might look a bit short in duration but believe me I was still experimenting with what I’d learned in one tutorial over an hour later!

You’ll be amazed at how the “same” search can reveal such different information by using these simple commands. To quote the expert intro:

“Now we are going to take a look at how we can use Google search terms in order to find different views of the same information and yet access the database in different ways to get different points of views and in some cases more limited information in some cases more detailed information.”

01 – Quotation marks
02 – Asterisks – Wildcat
03 – Use the minus sign
04 – Google “ngram” search
04a- Piping – search
05 – Numerical – rang
06 – Parenthesis
07 – and – command
08 – filetype – command
09 – site – command
10 – Related – search
11 – allintext – command
12 – all-in-title-edited
13 – allinurl
14 – allinanchor
15 – around – command
16 – Disable – filtering
17 – Verbatim – search
18 – Local- relevance
19 – scientific research with Google Scholar
20 – Legal-research with Google Scholar
21 – Google-ngram-viewer
22 – Google-correlate
23 – Think with Google Marketing Significance
24 – Google Patents
25 – Google Publications

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