Digital Nomad Down Time

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– I, like a lot of folks, fancied myself as a “digital nomad”, laptop in my backpack and off somewhere where the weather was nice, the locals were happy to see you, and more importantly…… the food & beer was cheap.

– There “was” no shortage of lovely spots, from southern Europe to South East Asia, depending on your taste, and then there was always Africa. Not casting any aspersions there, just a lack of knowledge and, while I always meant to go there, I never got past Morocco without Spain calling me back.

– Anyway, on with the ’point’…… since government reactions to Covid from country to country had us so confused from one day to the next, and with folks given the OK and jumping on a plane, only to be denied entry a few hours later when they arrived at their destination……… who could keep up, or afford to.

Covid Virus Corona Mask - viarami / Pixabay

– Most of us didn’t want to risk travelling, or couldn’t afford yet another rule change and then having to pay $3000 for a fortnight in a hotel we last saw on at $2000 for the same 14 days……… and yes I did check at least 2 of them.

– So now we were all locked up in, at best our own homes or at worst isolated in a foreign city with no access to service etc we need………… haven’t all us ‘digital nomads’ become ‘digital stay-at-homes’?

– Changing from writing about where you should go to get the best street music in Seville to where to go to maybe find a cafe that is open in your own home town.

Tavern Greece Restaurant Bar Greek - Freiheitsjunkie / Pixabay

– I suppose I just want to have a “feel sorry for me” whine lol, like we all do….. but fear not this year (2021) we’ll be back on the trail and depending on where you want to go, you’ll be clutching your “Covid Vaccination Certificate” to ensure entry into the EU, the UK a few Asian countries, Australia & New Zealand and a few others that locked down so fast they have yet to really have a Covid pandemic.

– It has become more important than ever to stay healthy, eat well and make sure your immune system is up to scratch.
– Oddly enough I’ve never heard any one of the million “Health Experts” they keep finding to advise us to keep ourselves healthy, it’s just been “hide until a vaccine comes along”.

– Like a cynical friend of mine says “There’s no money in health, only sickness”, maybe he’s right.

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So look after yourselves, eat well, stay healthy, stay positive and learn the things you need to know to survive physically, mentally AND financially…… this is a great time to use this down time to learn new skills that can generate income.

Good life & good luck, Jules & Jan



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