Another way to use the Keyword Tool to analyze the keywords
being use on another web page. This is a great way to
generate keywords off competitor’s sites without too much
effort. If you know of sites similar to your own that are
already doing a great job attracting traffic, then you
should use this tool to find out what keywords they are

Business Idea Growth Business Idea - geralt / Pixabay

The way you do that is to switch the radio button from
descriptive words or phrases to website content.” It will
then return a results list that will be sorted in groups by
whatever the major keyword or phrase used happens to be.
This is a very easy way to get a list of usable keywords,
but do realize that keywords campaign change frequently as
new trends are identified.

Utilize Preexisting Articles

Maybe you’ve written articles already, but they’re not
generating much attention. You can still use the tool to
help you optimize the articles and change the titles. All
you do is choose the “website content” radio button and use
the link under the box for the URL to add your text into a
box instead. Then, the tool will go through the topic and
suggest keywords to use in it. All you have to do is change
some words here and there and add a different title to get
these stale articles to become stars in your writing lineup.

Just remember that you can’t put duplicate content on your
website, or Google will penalize you. It doesn’t understand
that you wrote the same articles, only that they appear
plagiarized because more than one copy shows up. So, be
sure to make the new articles sufficiently different so
that you aren’t penalized by Google, or remove the old
copies and replace them with new ones.

Network Social Abstract - geralt / Pixabay

Creating Knock-Out Titles

Now that you understand the importance of researching
keywords and how to do it, we’ll begin to get started
creating knock-out titles. The first rule of thumb is that
the first three to five words in the title carry the most
weight with the search engines. They will determine the
success of your article for the most part.

So, it’s
important that they contain some of the keywords and also
some power words to the interest of people who are surfing
the web. After all, if you just wrote for search engines –
let’s be honest – no one would want to read your articles.
You need something in there to make the titles interesting
to readers too! As with most marketing, the way to sell
something is to invoke an emotional response first,
followed by a justification for buying into a particular

The same is true when you are writing to attract
attention. You want to create titles that have an emotional
draw to them, but also don’t forgo the logical reason why
someone should take the time to read your writing. And, of
course, you have to include the keywords too. It sounds
like a lot of work, but it’s not!

Research Market Business Finance - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

All you really need is a good Thesaurus. You will take the
same old titles you think up and kick them up a notch by
finding powerful words that have an emotional effect on
your reader. For instance, check out any marketing book and
you will see that some words have a higher emotional value
than others and sell your products better. These words are
things like super, improved, gold, platinum, etc. Well, you
can use a Thesaurus to kick-start the brainstorming process
to get words in your title that have a more direct
emotional appeal. And, try to find action verbs that really
engage the reader’s senses and makes your title come alive.

If you have the money, you should invest in a very good
program called Visual Thesaurus. It not only gives you
alternative words for your titles, but also lets you drill
down those alternatives to find even more words that might
work for you. Eventually, you will start to develop a list
of power words that you can use over and over again with
great results!

Keep an Eye out for More………….

All the Best, Jules & Jan

Always remember “Life is to be Enjoyed Not Endured”

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