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 Week 1-4 #1 – The Best FREE Traffic Spots for New Websites   New websites struggle to get traffic. If you have money it’s easy. All you have to do is find the best ad platform where your target audience is and just pay for ads. But if you don’t have money where can you find free traffic sources? And today I’m going to break down […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #7 – 3 Ways to Leverage User Generated Content

  User generated content is a new buzz phrase that’s been getting a lot of attention recently. Websites can take off in popularity if they have great user generated content, without the creators having to put much work into content creation. What exactly is user generated content? How does it work? How do you encourage […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #6 – 3 Reasons Why You Should Pack an Emotional Punch

  When you’re writing content online, you can write it in such a way that it sounds very factual and impersonal. Or, you can write in a way that really packs an emotional punch. By and large, most small publishers will do better with the latter approach. Of course, if you’re starting a website like […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #5 – 3 Ways to Your Voice as a Content Marketer

  When you read content by someone who’s found their voice, there’s a really distinct ring to it. You can tell they’re really passionate, really self-expressed and really know what they’re talking about. People are moved by those who speak with their real voice. Yet what most people don’t realize is that almost everyone who’s […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #4 – The 4 Parts of Good Content Structure

Having good content structure is crucial to writing content that people can easily consume and understand. Having a good structure also makes the writing process easier for you. Here are the main elements to well-structured content. 1. The Introduction The first sentence of any article needs to be carefully crafted to catch attention. People should […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #3 – How to Answer “What’s in It for Me” in 15 Seconds

The most important question to answer in any kind of marketing has always been: “What’s in it for me?” If your marketing and your content don’t answer this question in fifteen seconds or less, chances are you’re going to lose your visitor. If you really hammer the answer home in the first fifteen seconds, chances […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #2 – 4 Different Forms of Content You Will Use

There are four main kinds of content on the internet: text, graphics, audio and video. Each of these kinds of content has its own benefits and drawbacks, with each appealing most to different audiences. Here’s an overview of each of these four kinds of content and when they should be used. 1. Text-Based Content This […]

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Traffic Content Lesson #1 – Why Content is Still King

Long before the internet was invented, the defining axiom in print was that “content is king.” Today, where online content dominates print content, many of the world’s top SEO and web marketing experts still say that “content is king.” Why is this the case? That even after decades, no matter the medium, content is still […]

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IRD (Inquiry-Response Driven) Marketing, the only true “New” approach to Marketing in years……

I’ve re written this damn thing 4 times so far, as I was so excited that something genuinely new and genuinely innovative had come along, but to explain it…… is to give it away, so I’ve been trying to think of a way of shouting out…… without giving away an idea that is being, well […]

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Producing Content…… Creation versus Curation, How Many Methods Are there……

It doesn’t matter what your Blog, News site or Website is about, you must produce Posts, Articles and general information pieces for your visitors. Producing your own eBooks as Lead Magnets, give-aways and Promotions has become a must too. So, how does an aspiring Blogger or Nomad Freelancer in need of fresh content go about […]

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