“Industry Expert” Opinion

“Industry Expert” Opinion


Why WordPress Will Soon Power 50% of All Websites

The WordPress global success story just goes on and on. As it stands today, WordPress powers 39.1% of all websites. According to the latest figures by W3Techs, it’s growing by 2.47% per year on average — with no signs of slowing down. Continuing at this rate, there’s every chance it will surpass 50% market share […]

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How 6 Brands Use Instagram Live in Their Marketing Strategy

The Best 16 Landing Page Builders for Any Business

Bing PPC Ads: How They Work (and Compare to Google Ads)

If Googling has ever let you down, you may have come across another search engine called Bing. This search engine is powered by Microsoft and strives to outdo Google at every turn. Bing wants to revolutionize digital search and rival the industry’s long-standing powerhouse. It’s an ambitious goal, but one place where Bing differentiates itself […]

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What is a Subdomain? Definition & Examples

The world of domains can seem mighty complex at times, including technical jargon that may as well be hieroglyphics. You may have heard of a ‘domain’, but did you know that ‘subdomains’ exist too? To save you from frantically sifting through Google and screaming at your screen ‘Tell me what the subdomain definition is!’ we’re […]

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How to Generate ROI from Your Newsletter

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[Publisher Series] Revenue Optimization, Part III: Optimizing Existing Page Layouts


The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2020

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Ubersuggest Chrome Extension 2.0: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Chrome Google Chrome Android  - deepanker70 / Pixabay

How to Build Links Using Google Alerts