How to analyze results from Google PageSpeed Insights

As Google is going to give a ranking boost to websites that are fast you are probably keen to understand more about Google PageSpeed insights? …And I’m not surprised because it’s confusing! This article will help. Why is website page speed important? Google wants to provide the best possible user experience to users. If your […]

12 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2022

GiddyUp DFO Global Amazon Associates Widitrade ClickBank eBay Partner Network M4trix Network CJ Affiliate Affiliaxe Algo Affiliates ShareASale Fiverr This post was updated on May 12, 2022. For affiliate marketers, there is nothing more important – and more challenging – than performance. But getting there means finding the best platforms and programs for your niche […]

How to Set a Default Featured Image in WordPress (Easy Way)

  Do you want to set a default featured image in WordPress? Many themes use featured images (a.k.a post thumbnails) to make your content look more appealing and attention-grabbing. But finding the right featured image for each post can be time-consuming, and if you forget to add a featured image, then your posts might look […]

How to Optimize Your Website for Qualified Leads

Arrows Success Direction Goal  - geralt / Pixabay

One of the most vital business goals for a B2B website is to generate leads. Even if a lead does not convert into a client right away, having their contact information in your database opens the door to future interactions and sales. That’s why marketers place lead generation as their top priority and goal. Source […]