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Capitalise on the HUGE Youtube opportunities

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“Serial Refunder”?

  Morning All – On a Group chat a while ago I saw a couple of software vendors swapping comments about what a pain some people were for asking for refunds!  They made jokes about how “They must need the money”, “How much have I got left in the bank……….. I know I’ll get some […]

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How I “write” my Blog & Why

Welcome everyone. If you haven’t caught up with me/us yet, my name is Julian, and my wife Janette and I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I set out to teach myself Affiliate/Online Marketing in an attempt to get an income, as I was too young for the pension and too old to get […]

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Be Careful Using Fiverr

Morning fellow seekers, my original plan had been  to start a Membership website using all the “How To’s”, videos, pdf’s, articles etc etc I had collected over the year or so I had been trying to work out how Internet Marketing worked. Like everything else though, I hadn’t figured how hard that was and it […]

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Welcome to my Blog

Hi Welcome to my new Blog. I’ve spent the last year spending, learning, collecting etc etc until now I have finally found what I think is the best way to realistically make money online. So, I’ll be posting as I test this and other systems, and eventually I will put up all the videos, “How […]

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