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Is “Free Software” Any Good?

  I know there’s those who think “If you don’t pay for it, it can’t be any good”…… and the other side of the road that is always on the  look for a bargain…… “there’s gotta be a free version out there”. Well you’re almost, kinda, just about, sort of…… both right. I’ll assume for […]

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Invest In Yourself Folks…… Why Don’t Online Marketers, Bloggers, Digital Nomads Ever……

– Or, “How I learnt the secret of Online Marketing from Golf”……… -This is going to sound “corny” but I was at a friends place a while ago when he suddenly remembered his……….. Golf lesson. – Now, around then I started mercilessly ribbing him with the ‘usual’ “who’s the wee capitalist piggy now then” lines […]

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Can Any “Newbie” Really Make Money Online, Yes But……………

OK, I’m going to be dead honest here, and hey I know with most online posts, that usually means the opposite but NOT here. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to making money online and desperate for some money to buy your family Xmas presents, or if you’ve lost your job and really need something […]

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How to Find Your Target Audience


The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2020

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Save time & shortcut your way to profits!

I spent 18 months and thousands of dollars……… as I was sure I could get a handle on this Affiliate Marketing business………. who needed to pay someone to show you how………. there were all these nice folks promising to give you a way to “make $200 m- 1000 a Day, as soon as tomorrow!Well you […]

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4 Crucial Things You Need To Do To Build your List Like A Pro!

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27 Ways To Drive Traffic From 9 Top Social Media Platforms

Email Marketing – Where Should I Start?

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More on Google’s “Dereliction of Duty”, or when Self-Help is the only Help!

            Hi Again – An update on the other days Rant on how Google could spend an infinitesimal amount of it’s gargantuan, tax-avoided profit to actually help it’s customers instead of leaving it to AI and Bots written by interpersonal skill lacking cave dwelling Nerds! – After battling the “Violation […]

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Google’s new “Community Standards” hypocrisy…….

Hey – I decided I’d practice what I’ve been preaching and get into Live Streams as a promotional tool, by using prerecorded videos and ranking them through Live Events. – So I get myself the appropriate software that makes it idiot proof (should at least stand a fighting chance now) by letting you stitch together […]

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