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Week 1-4 #10 – Top 5 Cold Email Copywriting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them   Let’s, go through some cold email; copywriting mistakes. So, throughout this whole process, i’ve, come up with a couple cold email mistakes that i’ve, seen people make over and over again and that’s. What i want to talk about in today’s. Video here are some common cold email mistakes and how to fix […]

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Week 1-4 #6 Evaluating Your Email Marketing

  Email marketing can be a very effective way to reach a target audience around the world. However, your marketing efforts may not reach their full potential unless you invest some time, energy and money into evaluating your email marketing strategy. During this evaluation you may determine whether or not the email marketing is helping […]

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Week 1-4 #5 Why Use Email Marketing?

  The Internet as a whole was a moving force in the world when it came in challenging geographical boundaries, and making arduously long tasks into simple and almost automated acts. One of such applications is that of electronic mail or email, which enables people, usually over a free service provider, to use the facility […]

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Do You Use Advertising in Your Email Marketing?

  The topic of whether it serves to utilize marketing in e-mail market is fiercely questioned with some Net online marketers being highly for putting ads in e-mail advertising and marketing while others are highly versus making use of promotions in e-mail advertising and marketing. Still others take an even more neutral position as well […]

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Email Marketing Mistakes – NOT to Make

  Many business owners who opt to try email marketing make the mistake of believing any type of email marketing is beneficial. This is simply not true; there are a number of mistakes business owners can make when they organize an email marketing campaign. Examples of these types of mistakes may include allowing promotional materials […]

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The Direct Drip Email Marketing Strategy

    If you have the products or services that you want to sell on the Internet, you’ll want to create a web site where you’ll advertise what you are offering and you’ll also want to spread a word about your products or services to the world. You can easily and quickly do it via […]

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