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Create Content Fast Tutorial 9 – Analyze Other Websites

  Another way to use the Keyword Tool to analyze the keywords being use on another web page. This is a great way to generate keywords off competitor’s sites without too much effort. If you know of sites similar to your own that are already doing a great job attracting traffic, then you should use […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 8 – Finding Cash Cow Topics

  The Google Keyword Tool is one way to help you identify topics through researching interesting keywords. In this chapter, we’ll walk you through how to use the Keyword Tool to get the best results. It’s not just a matter of sitting there thinking up words, but actually using the tool to think them up […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 7 – Article Structuring 101

  The second step involves identifying the structure and associating it with the title you’ve chosen in step one. This is a lot easier than it sounds, since we’ll give you exactly the outline for seven different structures that are very common to Internet marketing articles. The nice thing about being aware of different types […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 6 – Plain & Simple Writing

  The elegance of this system is in the simplicity. There are really only four steps, and the last one is to simply write out your articles after the groundwork has been laid! Although the step-by-step process is simple, we will give you detailed ways to add extra oomph to each step of the writing […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 5 – Evaluating Writers and Their Services

  Paying for professional content is fast but it’s not necessarily cheap. Since you’re going to be paying a fair amount for it you should make sure you get your money’s worth. It’s important to evaluate a writing service or individual freelance writer before you decide to enter a business relationship with them. In this […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 4 – Should You Outsource Writing?

  Before we break into a bunch of advanced techniques on how you can do the writing yourself, we first need to decide if doing your own writing is the best option. Do you become incredibly stressed at the thought of writing a short e-mail, much less a 500-word informative and entertaining article? Do you […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 3 – Mix Efficiency with Marketing

  The best way to take advantage of the information in this eBook is to learn how to combine other marketing techniques with your Speed Writing. For instance, online marketers know that the way to get traffic to the site is to rank high in search engines, by paying attention to keywords that have a […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 2 – Aptitude is Necessary

  Before you waste any time on techniques that wonít help you, letís get something straight. If you are an Internet marketer and trying to save some money on copywriters, then you will have to learn Speed Writing. Otherwise, the cost to benefit of saving some money while spending inordinate amounts of time to create […]

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Create Content Fast Tutorial 1 – Getting Started

  Our focus is going to be on creating a lot of content in a short amount of time. There are a number of techniques that we’ll be using throughout the course to get your on your way to craft content creation and making some serious money! We’re going to cover a plethora of techniques […]

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Self-Publishing: One Writer’s 3 Phases to Hit the Best-Seller List

What’s the secret to self-publishing success? You write a book, get it on Amazon, and voilà…it’s a best seller. You’re rolling in money. Publishers are banging down your door with a fat contract to buy your book. You’re tapped for radio, TV, and media appearances. Ahem…it doesn’t really work like that, especially if you’re a […]

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