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17 Common Website Mistakes and How to Resolve Them

When was the last time you checked for any website mistakes? Over the last few months we’ve done website audits for over 50 businesses and we saw a lot of common issues. Here are 17 possible issues with your website you could solve pretty easily: 1. Doesn’t pass the 5 second test When someone lands […]

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How to Clarify Your Website Requirements with a Website brief

Thinking of getting a new website? “I need a new website” is not the requirements your agency is looking for! What happens with that spec is that neither of you will be happy with the end result. So…. ….You need to step back and do a good bit of work before you chuck it over […]

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How Traffic Temperature Can Affect Your Website Sales

If you are using your website as a channel for sales, then most of your digital marketing game revolves around building traffic to your site. But…not all traffic has the same weight since each visitor to your website doesn’t have the same level of familiarity with your business. One important factor to website sales depends […]

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How to analyze results from Google PageSpeed Insights

Wondering if your website is fast enough? You ran Google Page Speed Insights test and you got a low score but the stats displayed are a bit confusing? Then this article is for you. It will help you understand how to use the PageSpeed test and how to interpret the results. Why is website page […]

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Future Buzz creator Adam returns to blogging with a new weekly YouTube vlog

Hello loyal Future Buzz readers! I hope you’ve been enjoying the updates from my good friend Ed Zitron (who you now know well). The site is in great hands with him. I felt awful leaving my subscribers after deciding I’d wanted a break from blogging. Which is why I was so happy he took over […]

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It’s Okay – Everyone Feels Bad, Because Nothing Is New and Everything Is The Same

I spent the best part of this morning feeling lost. It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing anything – it’s that I, no matter how many “things” I do, never quite feel like I’ve done enough. I’m lucky, though – I have a job, a business, I keep people paid, we get paid, everyone’s good. Our […]

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If You Have Called Someone A Nerd For Having Domain Expertise, You Are Trash

I spent a while trying to come up with a title for this article that truly established one of my least-favourite things in public relations, and I’m still not happy. I keep thinking back to my first job in PR, where one of my managers (who isn’t even in PR anymore) actively made fun of […]

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How to Add Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Do you want to properly add keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress? Meta keywords and descriptions allow you to improve your website’s SEO ranking. This means more traffic, leads, and sales for your business. In this article, we will show you how to easily add keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress. Why Add Keywords and […]

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Our Need for Each Other and Our Need for Our Selves: Muriel Rukeyser on the Root of Strength in Times of Crisis

“In time of struggle… all people think about love.” “My one reader, you reading this book, who are you?” Muriel Rukeyser (December 15, 1913–February 12, 1980) asks with the large forthright eyes of her words in one of the most beautiful and penetrating books ever written on any subject. “What is your face like, your […]

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Is the “Omni-Channel” Approach the Way to Success?

– A lot of people think blogging has changed over the last year since they’re not getting good results from their blogging efforts anymore. The truth is, the underlying rules of success when it comes to blogging are still the same. NOTE: While this posts is a ‘bit’ tech oriented, don’t be put off if […]

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