Your FREE Facebook LIVE lesson

Hey, over the next few weeks/months, we’ll be giving you free “how-to’s” on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, all served up in short 1-3 minute bite-sized videos  We’ll post 2 or 3 every week along with other Tips’n’Tricks thrown in on other days too. If you can’t wait, you can sign up to watch them ALL for FREE……. […]

How to analyze results from Google PageSpeed Insights

As Google is going to give a ranking boost to websites that are fast you are probably keen to understand more about Google PageSpeed insights? …And I’m not surprised because it’s confusing! This article will help. Why is website page speed important? Google wants to provide the best possible user experience to users. If your […]

How to Measure Your Social Media Performance

Charts Tables Graph Statistics  - Wallusy / Pixabay

When was the last time you clicked over to Facebook or Instagram and scrolled through your feed? How did it make you feel? Was it cringe-worthy or were you pleasantly surprised? It can be a scary proposition to analyze your social media performance, but without an audit, there’s zero room for improvement. So how do […]

Website Migration: 26 Considerations for Migrating to a New Website

Considering a redesign of your website? When you hire an Agency to deliver a new website there’s a long list of items they need to work on to ensure the website migration is successful. And hopefully you’ll have nothing to worry about. It will all be done perfectly!!! But….maybe you’ll need to keep an eye […]

How to Manage Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

It’s no secret that managing social media is overwhelming. From platform changes to updated features, even the most seasoned social media manager can feel the pressure to keep up. So how can you navigate the anxiety and manage social media without losing your mind? The answers aren’t as hard as you think. In this episode […]