How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

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(Art Credit: Andrea Hernandez) This article is posted with permission from our partner Lili and originally appeared on the Lili blog at: Get the digital bank account designed for freelancers with Lili and manage your business expenses, estimate your taxes, and save for a rainy day all with zero account fees. Start a Lili account today. […]

How to Succeed as a LinkedIn Freelance Writer (Pro Examples)

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Are you interested in finding success as a LinkedIn freelance writer, but aren’t sure how to make the most of the platform? Have you ever wished there was a switch you could throw, and then your ideal freelance writing clients would simply find you? What if I told you that exists — and it’s free. […]

Get Paid to Write: 23 Sites That Pay Freelancers $100+

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What would your income look like if every assignment paid $100 and up? Sites that pay writers that much or more are out there. Seriously. But you’re not going to find them on Craiglist or low-rate content mills that pay pennies per word, or worse. And even a large number of writing job boards that promise well-paying gigs turn […]

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Protect Your Freelance Writing Business

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Whether you’ve been at it as a freelance writer for some time or recently made the switch, protecting your business is vital for building and maintaining your success. Unlike a traditional 9-to-5 job where churning out killer content is priority numero uno, you’re wearing many hats — which means dealing with additional responsibilities like finding […]

Minority Business Magazines: 20 Markets That Pay Up to $3,500

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Did you know there’s a ton of minority business magazines that work with freelance writers? If you’re looking for freelance work, writing for magazines can be a great plan to land assignments. Here’s how you break in: Pitch an editor a great story idea with a well-written query letter. Sound good? Check out this list […]