“Industry Expert” Opinion

“Industry Expert” Opinion


The 15 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes for 2019

[ad_1] WooCommerce is a free, open-source e-commerce plugin built for WordPress websites. The plugin allows you to easily sell almost any type of product all while giving your visitors an intuitive and seamless on-brand buying experience. You can create your customized buying experience by utilizing one of the dozens of WooCommerce themes. These themes have features […]

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Get Paid to Share Blog Posts! #Affiliate Marketing …

[ad_1] Get Paid to Share Blog Posts! #Affiliate Marketing https://t.co/1UWOQhFzwD https://t.co/gE6sZaI6Aq [ad_2] Source by Sidris Phipps

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20 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites to Use in 2019

[ad_1] Best Stock Photo Sites Negative Space Death to Stock Picjumbo Stokpic Kaboompics Startup Stock Photos Freerange LibreShot Fancy Crave Unsplash StockSnap.io SplitShire Life of Pix HubSpot Pexels Gratisography Jay Mantri ISO Republic New Old Stock Pixabay I got the image above for free on Unsplash. Yet for some reason, many publishers continue to push […]

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How to Use Ideation Sessions to Develop Your Best Ideas Yet

[ad_1] Albert Einstein, a master at great ideas, once said, “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

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9 Royalty-Free Music Sites to Help You Make the Perfect Video Soundtrack

[ad_1] In video marketing, choosing the right soundtrack can be the difference between a video that grips your audience from start to finish and one that they can barely get halfway through. Play a fitting soundtrack or jingle in your video, and you can grab your audience’s attention and evoke the specific emotions and feelings […]

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5 Strategies for Selling Your Products at Fairs, Trade Shows, & Festivals

[ad_1] In a world where retail eCommerce sales surpassed $2.3 billion this year, touting your products at fairs, trade shows, and festivals might seem like an outdated tactic to grow your business.

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11 Super Efficient Lead Generation Tactics You Can Implement #affiliatemarketin…

[ad_1] 11 Super Efficient Lead Generation Tactics You Can Implement https://t.co/YCBgsYnEAs #affiliatemarketing #entreprenuer #onlinebusiness https://t.co/8PZMmRI5ov [ad_2] Source by Chip McLendon

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What You Missed Last Month in Google

[ad_1] Welcome one, welcome all to the dawn of December — and to another recap of the month’s top Google news items.

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15 of the Best WordPress Newspaper Themes in 2019

[ad_1] Whether you’re a blogger, editorial writer, journalist, or any other type of writer, there are a number of different WordPress themes that allow you to share your content with your visitors on your website.

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How to Convert Images From PNG to JPG and JPG to PNG

[ad_1] When I first started my marketing career and needed to include an image in one of my articles or post a picture on social media, the image’s format didn’t matter to me. In my eyes, JPG and PNG were exactly the same.

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