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Top 10 Reasons to Love Oscar Wilde

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NWK91U2iMU 00:00:00 Few literary stars have burned as bright as the late Oscar Wilde, whose unique, paradoxical and intriguing blend of boldness and grace dazzled in the flesh, as well as on the printed page. 00:00:11 While Wilde remains a controversial figure – his calculated flamboyancy inspired many, yet irritated his detractors – few dispute […]

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4 Tips To Lose Weight Rapidly On A Plant-Based Diet

Hi guys it’s Ryan Adams here from natural weight loss mastery calm and in this video I’d like to share with you 00:00:05 four tips to lose weight rapidly on a plant-based diet let’s get into it [Music] 00:00:21 tip number one what’s your soy intake soy products like tofu tempeh and soy milk can […]

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