How a Leading PPC Expert Got Great Results from Native Advertising: An Interview With Michal Moreno

[ad_1] Recently, Anat Oransky Lev, Outbrain’s Marketing Manager in Israel, sat down with PPC expert Michal Moreno to discuss what’s new and what’s changed in the world of digital marketing, and how her agency was able to leverage content discovery via native advertising to get great results for a challenging Read more…

How to Boost a Post on Social Media [Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter]


In the social media marketing world, marketers reminisce about the times where they could fill up on organic reach a lot like my parents reflect on their college years — those were the good old days.

But similar to how the real world flipped most people’s life upside down when they graduated from college, social media’s purge of organic reach flung marketers on a spinning teacup ride.