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Affiliate Training


Inspiration Blogging Tutorial

Inspirational Blogging Tutorial Hey guys, Bryan with WP Cupid Blog and in this video, I’m going to be showing you a complete inspirational blogging tutorial on how to start an inspirational blog step by step. Whether you’re a newbie at technology, have no experience at blog starting, or even if your a pro. This inspirational […]

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Save time & shortcut your way to profits!

I spent 18 months and thousands of dollars……… as I was sure I could get a handle on this Affiliate Marketing business………. who needed to pay someone to show you how………. there were all these nice folks promising to give you a way to “make $200 m- 1000 a Day, as soon as tomorrow!Well you […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Content Writing

[ad_1] Rich, excellent content is the backbone of any website. The content you publish says volumes about who you are as a brand. Original, high-quality content is the way to go to optimize your website, build your brand and increase online revenue. Creating great content comes easier if you are a professional writer. Professional writers […]

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How a Leading PPC Expert Got Great Results from Native Advertising: An Interview With Michal Moreno

[ad_1] Recently, Anat Oransky Lev, Outbrain’s Marketing Manager in Israel, sat down with PPC expert Michal Moreno to discuss what’s new and what’s changed in the world of digital marketing, and how her agency was able to leverage content discovery via native advertising to get great results for a challenging campaign. Michal Moreno is the […]

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How to Boost a Post on Social Media [Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter]

[ad_1] In the social media marketing world, marketers reminisce about the times where they could fill up on organic reach a lot like my parents reflect on their college years — those were the good old days. But similar to how the real world flipped most people’s life upside down when they graduated from college, social […]

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Retargeting Guide for Dummies |

[ad_1] Have you ever visited a website, and then the next day, while browsing online, you saw an ad for the very same website? Congratulations, you were “retargeted.” Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a very common and popular form of digital marketing. It’s an effective way to target people who have already visited your […]

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How to Create High Performing CTAs

[ad_1] As a performance marketer, the purpose of your web page, email or popup is not just to look good (although it’s great if it does!). Rather, every one of your online marketing assets is designed to drive the user to a particular action. It might be getting them to read a blog post,  sign […]

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7 of the Best Blogging Platforms for 2019

[ad_1] As a baseball player turned blogger, my blogging platform is just as important to me as my bat was to me. If I went up to the plate with a quality bat that I personally preferred swinging, I would feel more confident, boosting my chances of getting a hit. If I didn’t, I would […]

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6 Ways to Boost Your Video View Rates

[ad_1] You settle down to watch a video, and a pre-roll ad begins to play. The five seconds until you can ‘click to skip’ seem like an eternity. You feel irritated, resigned and bored. How many times a day does this happen to you? For a generation brought up on VOD and the internet, the […]

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If I Had to Start a Blog From Scratch, I Would…

[ad_1] You’ve seen me and thousands of other marketers talk about how to make a blog popular. But if you don’t set up your blog correctly, you won’t do well no matter what kind of marketing you do. And no, I am not talking about the technical setup of your blog. I am talking about […]

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