[Quiz] How Much Do You Really Know About Programmatic Advertising?

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Programmatic advertising is sweeping the globe. This year, eMarketer predicts double digit growth in programmatic spend in Europe, echoing trends already happening in the US.

If you’re a digital marketer, you can’t escape from the advertising mammoth that is programmatic. Although not brand new, programmatic advertising is new enough, and evolving fast enough, that it’s important to make sure you have a grip on it before it gets too far ahead. That means keeping up to date with the latest developments and trends, but it also means brushing up on the basics so your perspective stays fresh and relevant.

What better way to do that than with a fun, fast quiz covering all the basics and beyond of programmatic advertising. Before diving in, you might want to review your programmatic advertising knowledge with the help of this post.

Whether its DSP vs. SSP, RTB vs. static auctions, or brand safety vs. performance, you can get all your programmatic questions answered, then test yourself to see what you really know about programmatic. Let’s go!


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