4 Tips To Lose Weight Rapidly On A Plant-Based Diet

Hi guys it’s Ryan Adams here from natural weight loss mastery calm and in this video I’d like to share with you
four tips to lose weight rapidly on a plant-based diet let’s get into it [Music]
tip number one what’s your soy intake soy products like tofu tempeh and soy milk can be part of a healthy and
weightless encouraging diet absolutely but they could well be slowing a result if you’re eating too many of them why
because they are derived from soybeans soybeans are much higher in fat than most other legumes okay so not always
the most optimal from a weight-loss standpoint and soy products like vegan meats heavily processed soy products
rather like vegan meats vegan cheeses and so on so cheese’s they should be avoided altogether since you keep your
portions in check there’s still such a thing as too much food lots of these whole plant foods they’re wonderfully
self-limiting because they have very low calorie density or typically rather a very low calorie density lots of fiber
lots of minerals and nutrients in there so your body actually recognizes the nutritional value there you get the
signaling to the brain that’s like stop that’s enough or at least you get access to that a lot more easily than you
likely what if you’re following a standard American diet okay but at the same time they’re still very well is
such a thing as too much food it could well be that you’re eating all the right food but simply too much of it if you’re
stuck in a weight loss plateau right now so what I’m going to do for you is link of video I have on counting calories for
weight loss down in the comment section down rather in the description box below and that should give you more insight on
how to better manage your portions when it comes to losing weight on a plant-based diet number three be
cautious of the scale the scale is by far and away the best way I believe to measure one’s weight loss progress but
it’s certainly not without fault there are these very natural fluctuations in terms of our body weight most visible on
a daily basis that could well not be an indicator that we’re actually doing something wrong so what will often
happen in other words is people will jump on the scale they’ll react to what they perceive and I say perceived
they’re likely as of whore weighing and they will perhaps prematurely jump ship on the program there are on radically
changed their diet in some way this is a huge huge mistake again there are these natural fluctuations caused by things
like sodium retention water retention from high carbohydrate intake or again sodium intake and so on
you could well just have a large volume of food in your stomach given yesterday’s eating perhaps you ate
fairly late last and therefore that’s affecting your morningway and more than it ordinarily
would women in menstruation and so on various various different things so with that in mind absolutely it’s a great way
to measure you progress but do not react to these individual words instead we want to look for the downward trend over
time this way you stop yourself jumping ship with the plant-based art or radically changing your approach to a
plant-based art too soon now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times where you should look at your progress
and then adjust to make changes I would just advise not to do that based on one singular weighing and lost of all but
most certainly not least don’t drink too many calories smoothies juices kombucha they all have some great nutritional
properties but if you are intermittently sipping on these throughout the course of a day could well be that you bump up
your overall calorie intake for the day by five or six hundred calories and you’re innocently thinking that you’re
just having a couple of sips here and there on these things again I must stress here that I’m by no means anti
smoothie juice or kombucha and I do have these things from time to time the danger there and actually it’s rather
naughty of me to lump them all into the same bracket because they’re all very different in this regard but the likes
of smoothies for instance it’s very easy to consume more than you ordinarily would if of those smoothie ingredients
if you were to merely eat those smoothie ingredients in their whole food form so let’s say it’s a fruit smoothie if you
are merely able to just eat that fruit in its whole food form without blending out processing it very likely that you
get full of sooner verses than when you have that smoothie because it’s processed up so that is absolutely
absolutely excuse me something worth keeping in mind now this is going to differ for everyone based on their
calorie requirements based on activity levels based on where you are now what your goals are and so on but generally
speaking as a rule of thumb if you’re having a main meal and a big smoothie on the side that might well be slightly too
excessive now again this is a case-by-case so that might not be the case that’s a rather blanket statement
from me but I’m seeing suddenly many people doing this really holding them back from weight loss success so
therefore strategies that you can start implementing right now to speed up your speed up excuse me your weight loss
results on a plant-based diet for more information as always check out natural weight loss mastery com subscribe if
you’re just running into channel for the first time see you in the next video know all the best

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