Namecheap Turns 19 Today—Our Big Birthday Bonanza

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Today October 15th marks our 19th birthday!

We’re blazing into adulthood, and we’re celebrating the most important thing to us: you, our customers.

To celebrate your dedication and loyalty to Namecheap, we’re offering (you guessed it) 19% off domains, hosting, Private Email, and SSL renewals! But hurry, you only have until October 16, 2019, 11.59 PM ET to make these awesome savings.

Your Current Expiration Date

Don’t panic—we know your products are probably not going to be ready for renewal just because it’s our birthday! 

In the likely case that your products aren’t due to expire yet, when you renew, your expiration date will add another year (or more) to the time remaining.

A few caveats: with hosting, you will also need to use the coupon code BDAYHOSTING when you check out to apply the discount. With hosting and SSL certificates, you can only renew in your final 15 or 30 days of your product expiring.

How to Process Renewals

It’s easy to process a renewal with Namecheap. Simply follow these four simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Namecheap Dashboard
  2. Hit ‘Manage’ next to the domain/product you want to extend
  3. Click ‘Add Years’ or ‘renew’ next to ‘Status and Validity’. Which one will depend on how close your product is to expiry.
  4. 19% discount is added automatically at the checkout (except with domains where you need to apply the coupon code first)!

And don’t worry—your renewal won’t start until after your current expiration date. Visit our landing page for all the information you need on our 19th birthday promotional offer.

Get 25% Off New .COM Domains

Everyone—new and existing customers—can buy unlimited .com domains with a 25% discount. Simply add your chosen .com domains to your cart, and check out to save – no coupon code required! 

Transfer In Domains and Save 19%

Life’s easier when everything is in one place. This is why we’re making it super easy to transfer domains you might have outside of Namecheap into your account. 

The following domains can be transferred in for 19% off:

19% off .com
$7.88/yr 1
19% off .org
$9.68/yr 1
19% off .net
$9.68/yr 1
19% off .app 
$12.18/yr 1
19% off .page 
$8.78/yr 1
19% off .dev
$12.18/yr 1

You can transfer in an unlimited amount of these TLDs, provided they are not premium domain names.

Get Involved – Tell Us Your Secret Ingredient

It’s no surprise that our secret ingredient is our customers. But what’s yours? If you’re successful in business, then chances are you’re doing something right.

What is it that makes your business do well? It could be the way you make customers feel, the fact you offer something a little different that nobody else does—a little extra magic to what could be an ordinary experience.

Tell us the special something you do that makes your business successful. Tag your secret using #MyBusiness on social, and we’ll share our favorites. It would be the icing on our (birthday) cake!

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