Outbrain’s Ultimate Guide For Performance Marketers

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Introducing: Outbrain’s Ultimate Guide For Performance Marketers

Today’s digital marketplace is inundated with copious brand advertising, making it vital for brands to build strong relationships with their consumers in order to stay competitive.

As advertising evolves, it’s no wonder even the most seasoned marketers have trouble churning out free-flowing ad experiences to engage their audiences.

Luckily, there’s a solution to that… open web-native advertising!

With open web-native, you can fight ad fatigue and create greater lifetime value for your audiences. In fact, eMarketer found that consumers trust content on publisher sites (native!) 24.4% more than content seen on social platforms. Trust: relationship-building 101.

Getting started is easy, and we’ve built the perfect guide to help you create captivating campaigns to your highest-converting audiences. Check out the details:

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What You’ll Take Away

The guide focuses on three key sections to set you up for success:

    • Campaign Creation
      • A go-to breakdown for creating strong campaigns.
    • Industry Insights
      • Customer patterns that were shaped throughout 2018.
    • Outbrain Toolkit
      • A deep dive into our conversion-driven dashboard features.

With knowledge nuggets like these, you’ll be driving native performance in no time!

Transform Strategy Into Practice

Grab your copy today and unlock the secret to launching amplified campaigns.

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