Autoresponders – STOP & think about the “method”and not just the usual simplistic aWeber v Getresponse supposed “choice”

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I gotta say something here, when I first started, I watched (paid for) the “over the shoulder” How-to-Make-$200-a-day tutorials………. and loved it when the supposed “teacher” would say something like “Now connect up your Autoresponder at this point, there are several out there, I recommend aWeber or Getresponse, and they all have great turtorials, so just watch those”…………………. and they would move on like what they’d just said was a 10 minute job……………… what a crock!!!!


Maybe I’m the slow kid in the room but I found the whole Autorsponder thing/set up/Welcome page/sequence etc etc bloody difficult, with the choices super important and NOT a one sentence, glib, “I’ll let you worry about it” cop out.


If your serious about email marketing, and you should be as it’s the very core of an online business, and stilll by far the ROI and any marketing system. They might rave about how high FB Messenger open rates are and how IG delivers blah, blah, blah but my thousands of FB friends and Chatbot conversations could disappear tomorrow at the whim of an algorithm…………. and I have zero redress! You own NOTHING in FB or IG or on any Social for that matter……………. but your list is still the only source that you own, and can take anywhere you wish, and can make money with when you want, nothing else gives you this, you own this!



So to be totally honest IMHO at this point there are 5 viable choices when it comes to the super important Autoresponder choice, in order of commitment versus dollars spent:


  • A free service (free for up to 2.000 subscribers and 12.000 emails a month) as an example Mailchimp. After 2.000 you have to go to a paid monthly plan, which should grow as you busienss does i.e. you pay more as you can afford it and your list grows.


  • Traditional Autoresponders e.g. aWeber, Getresponse etc whose plans range from $15 – $600 a month depending on Subscriber numbers, and as above you pay more as you can afford it and your list grows, but they do get bloody expensive.


  • A service that is a one-off $50 payment, that allows unlimited Subscribers and emails, forever. To my knowledge there is only one service that provides this. When it comes to dollar value, looking at an Autoresponder as a standalone item, this option wins hands down


  • A Platform that includes an Autoresponder as part of it’s Digital Platform starting at $29.90 for Unlimited eMail marketing, as they include ssooo many other features e.g. Hosting, FB Chatbots, Copy Script Generators, Funnels, Landing/Squeeze pages, eCommerce sites, Membership sites etc etc this has to be the best overall value.


  • There is always the option of running your own eMail autoresponder, hosted either as a Worpress plugin or as a cloud based service. Depending on where and how you’ve built up your list e.g. bought , swapped, inherited or “scraped” etc this can be a godsend as most/all of the other Autoresponders won’t let you import Subscribers from outside their software, or if they do it’s only a few hundred or 2000 maximum usually. If you want to run your own show this is the option for you. Starting at $55 for a WP plugin and going to $95 for a good Cloud service. You can pay more and less but I’ve tried several and if you want service and one that works it’s this one.


They all have Tutorials and Support of course, and depending on how your head works some are easier to understand than others, but they all work.


So I guess the choices are:


  • If you can’t afford anything right now (you probably should think twice about the business anyway, but if your enthusiasm is bigger than your pocket) go with Mailchimp
  • If you’re stuck with the thought a traditional Autoresponder service is all there is, then look here for aWeber or Getresponse details and plans
  • If you have $50 go with the service that is a one-off $50 payment, that allows unlimited Subscribers and emails, forever.
  • If you’re serious about approaching this like a proper business and want to start out and do it properly, without having to stop, go back, re-do etc, etc then have everything in one place for a crazy cheap price
  • The self managed eMail services are another kettle of fish and something I ended up having to get into………. and boy can it be a heap of “fun”, so I’m going to write a separate article on this topic, so watch for that one.


I know this seems like a lot, I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed when your faced with such apparently differing choices AND your’e not sure about the facts to make the final decision……………….. so most people take the easy route………… and go with the old standbys of aWeber, Getresponse or one of 10 others out there………… all differing only really in price and a minor feature or two………… but it doesn’t have to be like that, and to be honest they are not good choices…………. and I’ll be honest, I’m an affiliate of both aWeber and Getresponse, so I would make a profit if you chose one on those BUT I wouldn’t be giving you the best advice, and that’s what it’s all about, putting aside what’s selfish and easy for me and suggesting what’s best for you…………. so I’d have to say:


Number 1 if your broke, Number 3 if you’re happy with your website, host, funnels and pretty much everything else, and can afford them all, and Number 4 if you want a complete Digital Marketing Platform that has it all, and all for the same price as just 5000 subscribers at aWeber………. and nothing else, as they say: “It’s a no brainer”


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