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– When you first start out, not only is it a barrage or new and incomprehensible terms e.g. Autoresponder, CPA, Lead Magnet, Squeeze pages etc etc but you’re also being “advised” that you need Hosting, an Autoresponder, Funnels, Landing pages etc, etc

– Once you battle through what all this means, assuming you haven’t given up or run out of wine by then, you’re just glad to take somebody’s word for what’s a good choice!

– Well it might come as no surprise to you to find out that, shock horror, almost everything that anyone suggests to you is done because they get a kick back or “affiliate commission”, the very same thing they are going to train you to do, and while this is how the world goes around, some do it a little more greedily than others.


– Funnels are a great example. I could never afford ClickFunnels when I first started. How could you reasonably expect anyone to fork out around $200 plus a month when you haven’t made dollar one, and don’t know if or when you might. You suggest it because you’re getting a commission for doing so, and the higher the sign up fee, the higher the affiliate commission, getting it now.

– Autoresponders are another one. OK you can start on $10-15 a month to get going but as soon as you have a list of any decent size, finally capable of maybe making you some money, the monthly fee is up to $100 plus and rockets up from there.

– The other alternative to get started is to use free accounts:

Wix for your website

Mailchimp for your autoresponder

gMail for your email account

Google Drive for storage etc etc

– With all these you would be up and running with an online presence, no doubt………… but, you do indeed “get what you pay for” as they say, and while all the above work just fine, the free versions are very limited in size and facilities.

– So eventually you have to either upgrade or move away to somewhere that has bigger, better, more expansive facilities.

– It’s just human nature, the more you use a particular piece of software or the longer you stay with a platform, the less likely you are to move away. After all it took you ages to feel comfortable with it, think of all the files you’d have to move blah, blah, blah………….. so maybe, just maybe the “free” option isn’t the best choice?


  But what about the apparently daunting costs of getting set up professionally and properly in a way that allows for your soon-to-be-online-empire expansion plans?


Wix, Squarespace, ClickFunnels, WordPress, Leadpages, aWeber, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Zoom, GoDaddy, etc etc are not complete platforms. They all offer some great features BUT you need a combination of 2,3 or more of them to be able to host, create your website, your sale funnels, your ecommerce platform, produce your Video Sales letters, Opt-in pages, Squeeze pages, etc etc etc


Well there is one “all-in-one” complete Digital Platform. One that integrates with most of the others, and Zapier to link with the ones it doesn’t.

– Couple this with the best Support Ticket system I’ve ever come across, and yes I’ve checked them out several times haha, a monster library of Tutorial videos and an active and helpful FB Community, and it’s a no brainer as they say……… oh and it has a 7 Day Trial, that lets you try out all the features to see if you fancy it, “try before you buy”

– The list of features is so long I’ll leave it till the end of this little rant, but I’ll finish with three things:

1) This “all-in-one” digital platform starts at……. $0.33 a day!!!! rising through $0.98 a day to a top price of $1.64 a day for the  package that has unlimited everything, including autoresponder, a feature that’s worth $150 a month just by itself.

2) When you do your checking online be very careful, as the “review” sites and YouTube review channels are NOT review sites and channels, they’re ALL affiliate marketers getting a commission from selling a product, wow what a surprise! So their “reviews” are about as unbiased and truly informative as waterfront Real Estate agent at a Global Warming conference.

2) Yes, you guessed it I do get an affiliate commission from Builderall, but you can work out that at those prices I’m not making nearly as much as the guy telling you to buy ClickFunnels, plus the other packages you’ve gotta buy as ClickFunnels doesn’t do it all.

– There’s an exhaustive list below but I can’t think of a thing you’d need for the average, above average, online marketing business that the BA platform doesn’t provide, including some unusual ones like built in FB Chatbots, Membership site creation, it’s own Affiliate Marketing marketplace for those who come up with their own product and you can even earn an income from promoting the product to!


– If you’re unsure or strapped for cash, as most of us are when we start, you can take the $0.33 a day package, add Mailchimp as your autoresponder which gives you 2000 free subscribers, then go to the $0.98 or higher when you start to make a few bucks, dropping Mailchimp along the way to have truly unlimited mail handling.


– So get set up properly from the start, and save up to $500 a month down the track.

This list is for the $1.64 a day package but please check out all the platforms here

 Unlimited Professional Email Marketing
 Unlimited professional e-commerce
 Webinar and streaming platform
 Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
 Autopost manager tools
 Affiliate Marketplace
 Leveraged affiliate system
 Builderall Business community
 Unlimited pages and subdomains
 Connect up to 15 domains
 Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
 Third-party integrations
 SSL included
 Premium Local and CDN Hosting
 Ticketing Support System

  Unlimited Visitors
  Unlimited Pages and Websites
  Unlimited Funnels
  Unlimited E-Commerce System
  Blog App
  Instant Publishing
  Lightspeed Page Loading Technology  
  Action Counter and Stats per Element
  Truly Drag and Drop Responsive Builder
  100% Wide Screen Responsive Websites
  Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder
  More Than 1000 Professional Templates 
  2 Step Optin Pages 
  Smart Optin Pages
  Parallax Effect
  Scroll Animation
  Image Gallery
  Video Background
  Device Specific  Backgrounds
  Duplicate Pages and Layouts
  Website Transfer
  Complete Funnel Transfer
  Social Network Plugins
  Insert External HTML Code Plugin
  Pre-Made Sales Funnels
  Integration With Popular Email Marketing Tools
  Ready-To-Go Content Blocks
  Popups With Different Triggers 
  Device Specific Popups
  A/B Split Testing
  Page Conversion Stats
  Multiple Layouts per Website
  Scarcity Timers – Evergreen
  Scarcity Timers – Fixed Date
  Website Registration and Login
  Checkout With Bump-Sell
  Free Product Plus Shipping Checkout
  3 Step Checkout
  Transparent Checkout
  One-Click Up-Sell Checkout for Stripe
  Sales Funnels Checkout Builder With Up-sells and Down-sells
  Create Personalized and Smart Forms
  Create Paid Membership Websites
  Create Free Membership Websites
  Create Multiple Membership Areas on the Same Website 
  Drip Content Menus
  SEO On Page Optimization
  Image Seo Optimization
  Create Personalized and Smart Forms
  Automatic Image Compressing for Faster Page Loading
  BUILT-IN Professional Autoresponder  Email Marketing Platform
  Manage UNLIMITED Emails and Leads within Autoresponder Tool
  Unlimited Email Sending Quota
  High Inbox Delivery Rate
  Campaign Automation With Many Triggers
  Drag and Drop Automation Builder
  Responsive Email Builder
   ZAPIER integration
  Exclusive Floating Videos Creator – Unlimited Streaming – (Flash & HTML)
  Unlimited Animated Video Builder
  Unlimited VSL Builder, With Unlimited Downloads
  Browser Notifications App With Unlimited Leads
  Autoresponder for Browser Notifications
  Unlimited IOS/Android App Builder (Powered by Siberian)
  Create Professional Email Accounts With Your Domains
  Webmail Manager
  On Page SEO Report Tool
  Social Share Locker Traffic Generator
  Unlimited E-Learning Platform
  Unlimited Mockup Editor
  Unlimited Mockup Creator
  Unlimited Heat/Click Map Tool
  NEW Unlimited Conversion Proof App
  Website Chat/Reviews Tool
  Professional Copy Script Generator
  Facebook Inbox Auto-Answer
  Facebook messenger chat Bot
  Facebook auto post tool
  10 GB Disk Storage
  Unlimited Access and Bandwidth
  Unlimited Subdomains
  Connect up to 15 Domains
  Automatic Cache System for Better Loading Time
  One Click SSL / HTTPS Included
   Builderall Dedicated Servers With DDOS Prevention
   Builderall Dedicated Servers With Automatic Daily Backup
  Hundreds of Tutorial Videos
  Ticketing Support System

  Build Your Own Business With Leveraged Affiliate system
  Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels for BA. Regular Plans
  Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels for BA. Business Plans
  Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels for Commercial / Local Niches
  Bi-Weekly Webinars
  Step-By-Step Training
  Done For You Marketing Material
   Builderall 365 Business Builder System
  Sales & Income Leverage System
  Recurring Monthly Income
  Your Business in an Everlasting and Huge Demanding Niche 

  Build Your Own Business With Builderall
   “We Pay For Your Car” Incentive
  Unlimited Webinar and streaming Platform
  Market Place and Checkout
  Sell your products With Affiliates 
  Checkout with auto-Timers
  Checkout With Dime-sales

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