About Us, the Journey So Far


My name is Julian Webb, and my wife Janette and I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia…… and a bit differently, we live on a boat, it makes for a great view…………. and there’s no lawns to mow!

– Like a lot of folks these days we realised that if we wanted to do silly things, like eat…… we had to find a source of extra income……. and with no rich relatives to kill, we looked around and stumbled across Internet Marketing.

– With low to no investment it seemed perfect
- All you needed was a computer and time, right
– As we had those 2 covered, we only needed the method, so about a 2-3 ago I started researching.
– After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, I expected to pretty much know it all, or at least have a damn good grip on it, BUT just like 9 out of 10 folks who contact me…………….. I’d learned a huge amount, had collected lot’s of info………….. but didn’t seem to be there yet, and worse…………….. I WASN’T SURE WHY NOT

Was I just too stupid to get it?

– I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but I can tie my own shoe laces in the dark………… so where was I going wrong?

– Finally I figured out what I think is the reason ssooo many normal, intelligent folks, just like you…….. and maybe me on a good day, were finding this difficult, so if you’ll bear with me I’ll give you my opinion of where the problem lies.


– Assuming you have basic computer skills, have the discipline to apply yourself for a couple of hours at a time, and can tie that all together with the IQ of a glass of warm milk, you should be able to buy any one of the 50+ “make $200 a day” systems that you get bombarded with every day……….. and well, make yourself $200 a day, right?

Well YES if you’re lucky, but on average NO, sound familiar?

– See when we were growing up, more than likely up someone in our family had a car. We saw, heard, watched and probably rode in cars.
– We might not have known how to drive one BUT we “absorbed” things about cars, and even if we never drove one…………. we ended up knowing quite a bit about them…………. just by coexisting

– Enter the PC/Internet era, again we participated, caught up, learned, absorbed, even if only through our jobs, struggled at times but we came out the other end with most of our hair in tact, and a whole lot more knowledge.
- Mostly we had time and opportunity to “catch up”.

– Now….. this Internet Marketing/Making Money Online thing, to me and everyone I’ve spoken to at least, came out of the blue.
- Every 6 figure marketer will spout about how he’s been “making money online for a million years”…….. but none of them ever mixed with me or anyone I’ve ever met, and if they were, would they likely tell anyone about it anyway?

– So we are SUDDENLY confronted with a whole new vocabulary like CTR, CPC, Autoresponder, redirects, squeeze pages, SEO, SMO, PLR and lead magnets……….. what?

– THE BIG THING IS WE’VE HAD NO TIME TO ABSORB OR “PRE LEARN” any of these, and suddenly you have to learn or master 5 or 6 totally new concepts………… AND you have to master them all BEFORE you’re going to be able to implement that “easy $200 a day” method you just paid for!!!
- For most of us I think it’s called a “vertical learning curve”

– Again, I’m the slow kid in the room, but I found email follow up campaigns, autoresponders, deciphering tracking pixels/Click Magic etc, a bit of a step, it’s maybe just me, but on top of all the other “simple” things I’d just battled through, I was feeling a bit battered.


– Then we started chasing every “next best thing”, and again after another year, yes I know “slow learner over here”, and a few dozen “this will make a 12 year old $200 a day….. easy” systems and pieces of software…… we finally realised we were setting ourselves up for more failure……

So we decided to go way back to basics and start a good old fashioned Blog, and offer good sound advice from genuine industry “experts” like Neil Patel and Hubspot etc etc and throw in a few of our own experiences for good measure….. and hopefully it’ll be of some use to those who find us.

If we were to offer anyone advice, based on our own “been there and  got the scars to prove it” experience it would be:

  • DO NOT set yourself up for failure by chasing “the next best thing” on the market, the one that’s going to solve all your problems!
  • Don’t waste years being ripped off, trying, failing and then getting down hearted……. get coaching or professional help. It’ll save you months, years of failure and heartache.
  • Get automation, get softwares to help you maximise your time, and let you do 5 things at once, e.g. auto post your blog posts to 10+ social accounts
  • Be consistent, do a little every day
  • Take imperfect action. Don’t waste time making sure everything is perfect, just get it out there and tweak it later

 If you can’t afford coaching, then we hope some of the FREE video courses and our “A Free eBook a Week” will help you get there.

– So here we are, and we hope you’ll find our posts & info useful & helpful.

– If you stay healthy, positive & happy life can only be good……… for you and yours.

Cheers, Julian & Janette